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Do you handle freezing cold weather better than heatwave summers?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) October 26th, 2014

Do you manage better in the cold than in the heat? Are you active in colder weather or does the heat get you going?

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Absolutely. I miss the snow.

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@snowberry ah, hence SNOWberry!

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Quiet the opposite. I can’t stand the cold but I handle the heat very well. I need a lot of clothes if the weather gets a bit cold, but I can go without any cooling things in a very hot weather.

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It is 40º (F) right now and I have my windows open. I am a svelte 6’ and 135 pounds. I am not cold.

But once it hits 90º I just sit in a cold shower shower and cry.

I do hate snow but that isn’t really do due to temperature.. Snow just kills my mobility.

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It was 40º (C) here today and it gets very humid too. I’d prefer the cold. I can always put more clothes on or turn on a heater if I’m cold.

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I’ll take the cold any day. At least I can dress for it.
If I’m cold that means I’m not wearing the right clothes.

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Handling cold temperatures is easy: just put on thick clothes.
The heat? Fuck. You would have to waste money running an AC inside, and outside, countermeasures at all.

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Cold over heatwave.

With cold weather, I can put on more clothes. With a heat wave, I can only peel off so much before it’s no longer socially-acceptable and requires way too much sunscreen in too many places.

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I prefer cold weather. You can walk to keep warm or put on extra clothing. Hot weather is fortunately rare over here.

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I’ll take heat. Hot weather energises me. It makes me want to go running while everyone else is sitting there melting. Cold weather just makes me want to curl up in bed and never move again. And no, adding extra clothing or exercising more doesn’t make me feel any warmer.

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It’s easier to dress for the heat – casual, no socks, etc. In the summer, I’m usually at work enjoying their free AC. I don’t mind cold as long as I don’t have to deal with snow. When it snows and I don’t have to go anywhere, great. When I have somewhere to go, it causes stress. To me, the spring and fall are perfect compromises. I really don’t prefer either extreme. I understand this question is looking for extremes.

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Cold, cold, cold any day. Anything over 72F is too warm. Add humidity and I just want to hide inside and cry.

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I grew up in L.A. and do much better in the heat than most people I know. I live on the East Coast now where heat usually comes with humidity and I like that because it’s good for my eyes and breathing and I don’t mind sweating – so I’m comfortable when most people are griping about it.
I’ve been in NYC for over twenty years and now am pretty comfortable down to freezing temp. Below freezing I am not comfortable and my whole body braces itself all the while.

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I can handle extremes. Minus 20 F is getting cold, and over 100 F is toasty. Other than that I’m good.

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I much prefer the heat. I am paralyzed by the cold.

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Neither very well, if I had to pick I would say cold, but dislike lot’s of snow it makes my job a real bitch.

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I prefer cooler temps, and hate the heat anymore, I’d like to live somewhere where the maximum summer temp never topped about 85 degrees.
I have had a lot of outdoor chores for years around the properties I have lived on and having to do outside things like yard work and animal care in the heat sucks.
I hate sweating. haha
Last night was great here, cleaning the horses stalls before dinner ( theirs and mine ) in a long sleeved shirt and vest and boots on a perfect 50 something degree late afternoon.

Didn’t break a sweat at all and didn’t need an immediate shower, just came in, kicked off my boots, washed my hands and headed for the porch to catch the sunset.

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Cold and early darkness get me down. Let alone snow and ice. I don’t like heat and humidity but summers are definitely easier for me than winters.

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Hell no. Both extremes suck but I look at it this way, extreme heat is really uncomfortable and sweaty and such, but extreme cold is literally painful to me. When it’s really cold out all the muscles in my back tighten up to the point that I’m in pretty much constant pain, when it’s hot all the muscles are much looser and more fluid. I also find winter to just be a depressing time of the year, everyone stays inside to avoid the cold and there really isn’t much to do outside anyway, plus when you look around at the scenery everything is pretty drab/dead looking. Yea, I much much prefer the heat. It’s been between 80–90F during the day and around 75 at night for the past month, such a wonderful change to the weather I’d be experiencing back in Jersey.

Humidity on the other hand is a whole other thing, fuck humidity, it’s like having a warm wet blanket wrapped around you :P

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@janbb rainy days and Mondays…

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I loathe heat. My city used to be quite temperate, but the last few years have been hot. It never gets below freezing where I live. From what I know of being cold, I’d much rather be cold than hot.

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No. Heat over cold any day.

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I like the heat better. I feel more comfortable being inside when it’s cold out, so I get a feeling of being trapped and stuffy.
I’ve been in Florida for over a year now and I still have no problems with the heat and humidity. I still hate A/Cs. My ideal indoor temperature would be low 80s. Sadly in a month or two I’m probably going to abandon this lovely tropical weather for a colder climate.

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Heat over cold. I used to be to opposite, but it seems to me that the AC is better at warding off the heat than our forced hot air.

Now, if I could go back to the big Victorian with the hot water heat and the luxury of staying in during ice and heavy snow, that might reverse again.

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High heat and humidity makes it difficult for me to breathe and it makes me lethargic. Freezing cold hurts my face, but I can at least breathe (unless the temp is -10 with a -30 windchill) and it doesn’t make me want to fall asleep.

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@ibstubro: I agree with you about staying inside in the winter. If I could be in a snuggly house with a fireplace and a blanket on my lap, I would love to spend the winter there. However, if I had to go out, risk slipping on ice, and try to drive to work and deal with winds and frigid temps, then no thank you.

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@jca For years I lived in a coldish climate and what bothered me most was being cold inside my house! I will never do that again. I will live in a shoebox to be able to heat it to at least 72 if not 74 degrees if I have to. Being outside I didn’t mind the cold usually, but I never had to be out in it for very long periods of time.

The coldest places I have lived in MI and NY, I was the warmest inside where I lived and buildings. In MI the heat at my school was central steam heat like NYC.

In southeast FL I was freezing all the time because buildings were super air conditioned, but my house was comfortable. I worked for years in a store that I was cold constantly.

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@jca God I love your sense of humor!

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I’m given pause at @Adirondackwannabe and @jca‘s exchange!

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