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What neighborhood should I move to in Brooklyn?

Asked by elafler (21points) July 10th, 2008

My boyfriend and I are looking for a one bedroom starting next month in Brooklyn. I know Park Slope is nice, but it’s also expensive. I’d like to be near Prospect Park (or A park) and I need to be on the 2,5 subway line. I’m thinking maybe Prospect Heights or Brooklyn Heights? Any ideas or advice?

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I’m an F line boy, myself (Windsor Terrace) so I’ll have some bias here, but if you must be on the 2/5 line try to be before the Franklin Ave stop. That way you’ll have access to the 3/4 as well. Are you attending Brooklyn College? You might consider being on the Q/B line. Church, Beverly or Cortelyou are all stops in very “up-and-coming” neighborhoods. By that, I mean there are already bars and restaurants moving in.

Also check out the answers here.

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Williamsburg – Its so nice, the people are amazing , first stop from the city in Brooklyn, amazing view of the city. The only drawback – its full of hipsters

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Brooklyn Heights is even more expensive than Park Slope. I second Windsor Terrace. Otherwise look at Carroll Gardens or Boerum Hill.

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this is a GREAT QUESTION. brooklynites LOVE to talk about brooklyn.

it depends entirely on what you need/want in a neighborhood. why do you have to be on the 2/5 line? where do you live now?? if park slope is too expensive for you then brooklyn heights probably is too. certainly consider prospect heights. (probably also astronomically expensive…)

also, if you’d like to be near a park, there’s a very small park in fort greene (“fort greene park”) which is super hip, as neighborhoods go, & kind of near the atlantic ave station which certainly has the 2 & 5 trains, in addition to almost every other train in brooklyn (& the LIRR!!).

i live along the B/Q line on the other side of the park from park slope (ditmas park, or kensington), in a neighborhood that breedmitch mentioned, which IS up-&-coming (see: bars, coffee shops, european-influenced restaurants).

good luck!

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Stay in Park Slope somewhere near 7th Avenue. You are 7 blocks from the F, the 2 + 3, the N + the R. There is also Prospect Park.

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Do you like kids and strollers? Or abhor them?

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