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Which is the least spoiled state in America?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) October 30th, 2014

In some ways the USA was nicer when the Indians were in charge, it was cleaner less noisy and more natural. Which American state do you think best preserves its original qualities today?

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Probably Wyoming or Montana; very low population density.

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one of the south american countries, with their rainforests.

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Northern NY, where my park is.:)

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Not California.

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I’m with @rojo. Alaska. The others Palin comparison.

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I’d say Alaska, Vermont, Maine, Wyoming, and Montana. Many of those were mentioned by others. Some states have some areas very built up, while other parts of the state are still parks and countryside. Parts of Wisconsin, New York, Tennessee, Minnesota, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, the list goes on and on, are practically untouched. It’s difficult to look at it state by state. Thank goodness we have the national parks to preserve land all over the US.

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Utah. Most of Utah is empty.

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South Dakota has to be pretty high up there, with 244,000 acres being Badlands National Park.

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Utah would be a good answer but it has a serious Mormon infestation.

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My guess is Alaska. I am guessing it has the most undeveloped land of all the 50 states, even if you look at the percentage of its total.

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I was gonna say Georgia because it is an orphan and all the rest of them have Grandparent states and you know how they are at spoiling their progeny.

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I’m not sure, technically, but I know Oregon has 30 million acres of forest compared to our 63 million acre land mass – which is close to half of the entire state. I’m biased, but it’s definitely beautiful here.

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