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25 random facts about you... (2)

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) October 30th, 2014

Someone on Fluther asked the same question five years ago (, and I thought it might be fun to do a second version since there are a bunch of different people around now.

Your answers can be as silly, serious, or surprising as you want, but they have to be facts! Last time, I thought it was an interesting way to learn about fellow Jellies.

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My left testicle hangs about a full 1” (or 2.2cm) lower than my right.

or is it my right? No, it is the left. Dang mirrors.

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@rojo That’s only one fact! An interesting fact, indeed, but still only one!

One updated fact about me: I’m 5’9’’ – not 5’8’’ like I previously thought. SIGH.

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1. I am a female ENTP personality, not too many of us around. Bright, humorous, quick witted, comical and innovative creative types with a serious hedonistic streak. I’m a rational thinker not a feeler I want logic, do not use emotional “reasoning” or I might have to kill you. haha
2. I have the second rarest blood type 0 neg.with the RH factor
3. I am an only child
4. I haven’t watched TV in over a dozen years
5. My middle name is Rowena
6. My cats names are Myles & Mia AKA: The Monster Man and Meemers.
7. I have a goose named Marwyn
8. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and am of German, Welsh and Scottish heritage.
9. I am happily divorced
10. I love science, art, history, animals and nature
11. I strongly dislike militant politics and will tune you out if you go off on a tangent
12. I like to get high on occasion and enjoy some impulsive creative moment like painting my walls a metallic bronze. haha
13. I love storms, the bigger and scarier the better.
14. I am wearing black, red, orange and gold socks with turquoise cats on them right now with blue plaid flannel jammy pants and a pink shirt and a fleece vest. Sexy! lol
15. I wear pigtails a lot tied off with beaded bracelets, hippie cowgirl.
16. I love architecture and design
17. I love star gazing and astronomy and have a giant telescope set up on the front porch at the ranch here.
18. I have a terrible sweet tooth
19. I talk to random strangers
20. I never get headaches, never, lucky me.
21. I am left handed and right brained
22. I hate most all sports
23. I love witty, humorous people that can play with me and zing around some improv.
24. I love to travel
25. I am out of facts, whew, this was challenging. lol

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1 – I am an amazing vocalist.
Let’s take a shower together and I’ll prove it by singing random facts #2 through #24.

We’ll need the bedroom for #25.

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@Coloma Uh oh, I’m an INFP! Also, I laughed when you said you call your cat Meemers, because I have a cat named Miette who I call Meemers. Or Meems, or meems-beans, etc… :D

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies You may have to prove your talent before I’m willing to agree.

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@DrasticDreamer Haha, pet nicknames, I call mine Meme too and Mimi. INFP’s are great, we are very compatible. My room mate is an ENFP we are so silly together.

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2. My pubic hair is still bright red although all the rest of my body hair has either darkened, turned grey or fallen out.
3. According to a lot of random strangers I look a lot like Willie Nelson.
4. I have a purple toenail from hiking up and down Enchanted Rock.
5. I am married with two kids and four grandkids.
6. I STILL enjoy Rocky Horror Picture Show.
7. I enjoy somewhat offbeat music.
8. I am not a gun enthusiast but own two handguns, a shot gun and a mini-14, none of which have been fired in the last several years.
9. My favorite breakfast is a Migas plate, with flour tortillas and refried beans.
10. I know why they call refried beans refried beans.
11. To me, a car is an air conditioner on wheels.
12. When I replace a toilet paper roll, I always put it so the paper feeds from the bottom.
13. My old dog is completely deaf but I still talk to him anyway.
14. I am a night owl and usually find myself up ‘till all hours.
15. I actually love mornings, they just come too early in the day for me to enjoy.
16. I spent 18 days camping on the ground in the Grand Canyon three years ago and loved it.
17. I still own, and use, a waterbed.
18. Beer is my drink of choice and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is my choice of beer.
19. A psychologist (that I was paying) once said to me: “You can be a real asshole when you want to be”.
20. I want to go to Iceland and live there for several months.
21. Overall, I am a happy person.
22. I coach a U10 Girls soccer team and enjoy warping their little minds.
23. I took up snowboarding at 53.
24. There is a 70/30 chance that, if you checked, you would find I was going commando.
25. I am not scared of dying but am of living without being able to do what I want.

There. You happy now!?

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Damn @Coloma !!!

I think I love you!

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@Coloma But INFPs use emotional reasoning all the time, I might drive you crazy.—And trust me when I say, I absolutely drive people crazy because of it! Though I have gotten a little better in very recent years.—

@rojo Yes, yes I am happy now. But #12? Yer doin’ it wrong!

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@DrasticDreamer I guess there is some solace to be had in that I do not change the roll very often.

PS: no I’m not. That is the way it needs to be.

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@rojo Hey, we could do the Grand Canyon, but I don’t want to kick your balls around on the soccer field. haha
@DrasticDreamer Yeah, probably, but you feelers are also very sweet, just don’t get too irrational. lol

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Haha. So funny reading my old list. Wow. Its going to be hard to do this again. I can reboot a few.

1. I have been with my wife for 13 years now.

2. I have now seen DMB about 27 times.

3. I still have 5 cats.

4. I love pajamas and would wear them everywhere if I could.

5. Ok, there might be one Taylor Swift song I like.

6. I love to use Hello Kitty pens at work. You gotta make your own fun.

7. I love my Kindle better than paper books.

8. I stress shop. Earrings are my weakness.

9. I never go to bed when I should.

10. I still love kid’s movies

11. I use my car as a moving stage to sing in.

12. I think dolphins are kinda gross.

13. If there were a god, house cats would be the most favored species.

14. I only have one real friend.

15. I hate my body, but love my tattoos.

16. I am not a lesbian.

17. All alcohol makes me feel sick.

18. I love, love, love to sleep.

19. I have an addiction to carbonated sugary drinks.

20. I love Halloween. And it’s no even because of the candy; it doesn’t hurt, though.

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@tinyfaery You still owe us!. DROP DOWN AND GIMME FIVE!!!!!

sorry, I thought you were one of my nine year olds

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Oh, no…

21. I love Game Of Thrones and I’m kinda ashamed.

22. My wife is good at everything and it’s annoying.

23. I want a dog.

24. I’ve been on fluther longer than I have ever had a friend.

25. I don’t mind talking about myself that much.


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@tinyfaery #16: I admit it gave me pause. And then I wondered, “Is this a personal revelation she had recently, or did I make an assumption for all of those years!?” My mind is kind of blown and I apologize ahead of time if I simply assumed. (The GoT books are better, of course, but when aren’t books better?)

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I read the books.

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I shall never tire of bakery smells, I like Cheerios but I can’t eat them because they make me gassy, I don’t like Christmas anymore (I just fake it for my family), I have never faked that, I love to drive fast but I haven’t in a real long time, I wish I could express myself through art, I love looking at the stars so much they take my breath away, if I were a millionaire I would take college courses until I die because I just like to learn, I wish Justin Bieber would see himself the way the rest of us do, I like to color, I don’t want to die and never do something really valuable first, I like to see men when they are talking man stuff it is like the testosterone makes a power float around and add strength to the atmosphere, when I was little I thought my dad was CIA or at least a spy, I like rocks, I’ve never had a romantic man in my life and just once I would like something really romantic to happen even if it is just finding a real old note in a bottle, I don’t have a favorite color, I got bullied a lot when I was a kid including my teens, I read slow, I can’t stand walruses, I hate gum, I like other people’s blue eyes but I wish mine were green, I have three kids, I wish I could get married again but this time to someone who will love me and stay with me until I die, I like to fish, I like to ride horses.

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@Here2_4 “if I were a millionaire I would take college courses until I die…” – Me, too! And “I can’t stand walruses” cracked me up.

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You… hate Walruses??

yes, of all the things you listed THAT is what I picked up on. But what do I know, I can’t even put the toilet paper roll on right

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This down under TP thing is just wrong. lol

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@rojo – I forgive you, so long as you at least get it on the dispenser and don’t leave it sitting on the floor or tank.

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@rojo Listen, I’m sorry. I’m sure you put the toilet paper on just fine. Maybe it’s that I’m so ridiculously lazy that I can’t be bothered to reach under the roll an extra inch to tug off what I need. I do have many issues, after all.

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Since it appears we are in the forgiving mood (thanks @Here2_4 ) then I too forgive you @DrasticDreamer for traumatizing me for an evening. and, in addition, you were complementary regarding my testicular aberration.

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Random Coloma fact # 25

My TP holder is a horses curb bit with the chin chain.
You unhook the chain from the bit shank and slide it through your roll, top flow but of course. lol

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1. I too am an INFP.
2. My favorite form of meat is ground
3. My favorite show is scandal
4. I am highly disturbed by nipples
5. I shave my legs, but not on any kind of schedule. I also will start to shave a leg, then stop. So I often have half or quarter shaved legs.
6. I like to tug on my pubic hair.
7. I bike 6 miles roundtrip a day to class (and 12 miles on Tuesdays)
8. I make all my own bread – sandwich bread, artisan bread, bagels, pita. Whatever. I can make it all.
9. I have asperger’s syndrome, nystagmus, strabismus, low vision, and a tremor.
10. I am really perceptive to patterns. In all my communications with others, I’m constantly analyzing and categorizing their behavior and any movement outside of normal behavior for that individual causes me a lot of anxiety.
11. I’m black
12. I love to bike in skirts. Such freedom.
13. I watch every minute of the tour de france that is televised. That means for 3 weeks each July I’m watching 3–5 hours of biking a day.
14. My dream is to ride in a century (a 100 mile bike ride)
15. I can’t swallow pills.
16. I have an exceedingly strong gag reflex
17. I chew on my scarf when I’m nervous.
18. When I’m tryiing to get up a tough hill on my bike or get a good sprint in, I say to myself “Vincenzo Nibali (last winner of the tour de france) wouldn’t be complaining about this hill, I’ve got this!”
19. I like to mix ketchup and mustard together to dip my fries in
20. I like silence more than most. By that I mean not just that I enjoy people not talking, but I enjoy no music, no sounds, nothing.
21. If you crack your knuckles, I will probably be having an internal rage to a ridiculous degree
22. If I don’t know you, I don’t want to hug you. I probably still don’t want to hug you if we know each other, but I’ll tolerate it. And by knowing me, I don’t mean we see each other everyday at work or you’re a relative. I mean you actually really know me. I need to know why you want me to hug before I’ll comply as well. My hugs are a valuable and limited resource.
23. People verbalizing their feelings for each other makes me so uncomfortable I literally want to crawl out of my skin.
24. It annoys me how people think only men have these touchy-feely problems. I am woman, hear me roar.
25. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was under 18 months old.

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@hug_of_war when trying to get up that hill, remember what Willie Nelson said about Lance Armstrong: “I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn’t even find my bike.”

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@hug_of_war The more I talk to you, the more your username makes sense to me. That said, I feel kind of bad now. In your 10K congrats post, I said I would hug you if I could, but since I know it would probably make you uncomfortable now, I take it back. Just know that I had the best intentions when I said it.

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I had no idea, really.
Instead of hugs, I wish you a happy hundred miles.

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Ha, I’m complicated that way, fickle beast I be.

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1. I currently live in Florida, USA and I love the weather here.

2. I have been married for 21 years and I still think my husband is beautiful and I am shocked to still be learning new things about him.

3. I have a Marketing degree from Michigan State University. Go green!

4. I feel sad when siblings don’t get along, because your siblings are usually the longest relationship in your life and they know what it was like to grow up in your house. My sister and I were very close until 10 years ago, and I find the change in out relationship disheartening.

5. I never had children and have lots of regrets about it. I did lose 5 pregnancies.

6. I didn’t work for 5 years and the rest was very appreciated.

7. I have more material things than I ever thought I would have.

8. I have a lot of dread right now about the house we are building. It is causing me a lot if stress.

9. Now that I am in my 40’s I feel like I still have trouble knowing my own mind and listening to my gut. I hope I do better in the future regarding this.

10. As I get older I am able to seize happiness more often.

11. As I get older I appreciate what affects my senses. Beautiful scenery, yummy food, comfy clothes, fantastic music.

12. I appreciate everyone’s own special talents more and more.

13. I almost never read a book. I would be surprised if I have read 100 books all the way through in my entire life. Sometimes I reference things in books, but read one cover to cover? Almost never.

14. I am extremely disappointed with many things surrounding medicine, doctors, and our medical system.

15. My neck is really showing my age.

16. I had a ton of fun my college years.

17. I don’t drink. Never really did. I’ve been drunk just a handful of times.

18. I need to lose 15 pounds. I can’t believe how much weight I gained.

19. I live watching TV. When I watch TV with my husband it’s the same as comfort food. Like being home, giggling, and relaxing.

20. My favorite comfort food is linguine with meat sauce and melted mozzarella.

21. I’m in the mood to travel.

22. I tend to be a little messy. Not dirty, but messy. I’d rather clean a bathroom spotless than sort through papers and put away laundry. I do like when everything is all organized and put away despite my inability to keep up with it well.

23. I worked in retail for years years ago and I am missing it lately.

24. I wish the media would put an accountant on when they talk about income taxes and not journalists, economists, and politicians.

25. Fluther has been a mixed bag for me of finding some wonderful people, learning an incredible amount from the knowledge here, enjoying some of the great humor and different personalities, and using it as a way to avoid some things I should be doing.

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1. I’m still learning. I have 3 more years to finish my official education.

2. I realize that most of my knowledge comes from self-taught, not schools.

3. My mood cycles a lot.

4. I’m pretty easy to adapt.

5. You can’t force me to give up what I love. The more you force, the more I will do it behind your back

6. I think I have a pretty boyish voice.

7. I’m good at languages, but I’m horrible at math.

8. I don’t think I’m beautiful, and I don’t care for look much.

9. I always want to find something new to amuse myself.

10. I like sleeping and snacks :)

11. I have interest in many unusual things.

12. If I know clearly what I’m supposed to do, and what I do will contribute something, I will be very responsible. Otherwise nah.

13. I know my limit. If I refuse to do something, it’s just becauce I know I can’t do it.

14. I like to make people smile :D

15. The people who like me like me a lot, the ones who don’t like me hate me a lot. I have a couple of… “enemier” because of that.

16. I can very pretty lazy sometimes.

17. I’m impulsive, I tend to do things that I later regret.

18. I have some knowledge about computers, at least enough for me to overcome some simple computer errors.

19. I’m pretty tolerant to differences. I don’t ask anyone to change anything to be my friends. And I expect others to do the same.

20. I don’t follow any religion, but I’m not an atheist.

21. I’m not interested in marriage. I plan to go without a marriage in the future.

22. I have a pretty different opinion from many people in my country. As a results I have been considered “a jerk”.

23. I like to start a conversation with strangers. But whether it succeeds depends on the strangers’ willing to talk too.

24. I am funny, but sometimes can be annoying.

25. I seems to like using the word “pretty”.

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1. I’m an ENFP and the category fits me pretty well. I’m a real extrovert and can happily talk to most people.
2. I don’t have a rare blood type. If you need any, mine’s A+. That wasn’t an invitation to the vampire family.
3. I work far too much.
4. I often work from home and I also like pyjamas but only to wear around the house. I don’t wear them in bed.
5. I love books. I have way too many print books and Kindle books. Most of the print books are related to my work and I tend to put novels on my Kindle.
6. I’m enjoying watching The Vikings and Masters of Sex before I go to sleep at night and I love watching The Walking Dead with my husband.
7. I have a recumbent bike I use while watching TV and I just got a great desk thing that attaches to it so I can Fluther, I mean work, while riding my bike.
8. My postman thinks I have a shopping addiction. My husband agrees with him.
9. I have a cat and two dogs. My boy dog loves to cuddle with me. He loves it when I work from home and we can cuddle in the morning.
10. I like to go to concerts and have very eclectic taste in music. I’m hoping I can get some good seats to see The Foo Fighters. In a couple of weeks I’m going to see Yes and about a week later, The Rolling Stones.
11. I have a Smartphone but rarely answer it. I usually put it on silent in meetings and forget to change it back. That pisses my husband off no end because he can’t reach me.
12. I would rather drink water than other cold drinks.
13. I prefer tea to coffee. I like to brew it properly.
14. If I feel like something alcoholic I will probably drink red wine. If I feel like something stronger I’ll have an Old Fashioned, or a Gin and Tonic or a Long Island Iced Tea. However, I rarely drink.
15. I’m an insomniac. I tend to go to sleep late and wake early.
16. I love Christmas. I am a total child and I get very excited about Christmas.
17. I also love to travel. If I was rich, I’d spend my life travelling around the world.
18. Going to the cinema is one of my absolute favourite things to do.
19. I like taking long baths by candlelight and I’ve been known to sing loudly while in the bath.
20. Sometimes I feel like I have role reversal with my now adult children. They turn the music down because I have it playing too loud.
21. I like skinny dipping late at night before going to bed.
22. Taking photographs is my relaxation thing.
23. I’m scared of heights. Strangely, I’m fine in helicopters and small planes.
24. I have a wicked sense of humour and a fiery temper but I’m also very compassionate and caring.
25. I’m a bit of a geek. I love technology. However, I also love pretty clothes, shoes, handbags and perfume.

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1. I’m an identical twin.
2. I almost died in Hurricane Andrew.
3. I was raised in Miami, but I never learned how to swim.
4. I haven’t had a soda in 5 years.
5. I’ve seen every episode of Seinfeld over 40 times.
6. I was raised Jewish, but now I consider myself a secular humanist.
7. I have a navel fetish.
8. I’m a huge movie buff, especially of classic movies.
9. I listen to practically every genre of music.
10. I had testicular torsion a few years ago – worst pain I’ve ever experienced.
11. I love the smell of brand new CD cases.
12. I drink a green smoothie every single day.
13. I have irritable bowel syndrome.
14. I’m bisexual.
15. I think the creation of political parties is one of the worst things the U.S has ever done.
16. I’m half Cuban, a quarter Mexican, and a quarter Irish. But I look Caucasian.
17. I hate the taste of American cheese.
18. My favorite animal is the snow owl.
19. My least favorite animal is the alligator.
20. My all-time favorite musical instrument is the harp.
21. My favorite movie is Chinatown.
22. In the past year I’ve slowly been getting over my social anxiety, I’ve made some new friends in the past month.
23. I would rather go hiking, camping, and sailing than go on a luxury cruise.
24. I love museums, I could spend all day looking in one.
25. I’m not scared of heights, I’m scared of widths.

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25 facts? Shit I don’t think about me more than twice in 25 years.

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1. I’m an introvert in a family of extroverts
2. Stand at 5’9.5”
3. Of a nihilistic inclination
4. Love jokes of all sorts, regardless of the level of offensiveness
5. Klein Continuum 1.3
6. Favorite genre of film is psychological thriller
7. Favorite science fiction author is a tie between Stanislaw Lem and the Strugatsky brothers
8. Favorite author of all time is Herman Hesse
9. I enjoy at least one song from every genre of music
10. Prefer dogs over cats
11. Enjoy working with children to an extent
12. Abhors the thought of ever raising a child
13. Hates Halloween
14. Hates Thanksgiving
15. Hates Christmas
16. Hates New Year’s
17. Hates St. Patrick’s
18. Hates Cinco de Mayo
19. Hates Easter
20. Hates Independence Day
21. Dislikes Valentine’s
22. Doesn’t believe in morals, just biological imperatives
23. Believes killing others over differing beliefs is idiotic and nonsensical. The only reasons that make sense to me for killing another are: Revenge, in need of survival, or because one simply wants to.
24. I feel that almost every government in history has eventually become oligarchic if it wasn’t at its inception.
25. I’m finished with my list.

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1. I’ve got two degrees
2. I no longer believe the best education has a piece of paper attached
3. I would read so much more if I had better vision
4. I don’t wear the glasses I have to assist with that reading
5. My favourite book is Meditations, by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius
6. I firmly believe in Isaiah Berlin’s assertion that two conflicting statements can be simultaneously true
7. I’m too political for my own good
8. I never vote, despite it being compulsory in my country
9. One day I will live in another country, if only for a little while
10. If I found myself with far too much money, I’d blow it all travelling
11. In my life, I’ve been to 12 countries, not including my own, or ones where I never left the airport
12. I make a point of learning about as many topics as I can, so I can hold a conversation with as many different people as I can
13. I refuse to dance without significant amounts of alcohol to “lubricate my body”
15. I love fighting
16. I’m a petrol-head
17. I don’t mind being a “Jack of all trades”, because it is too hard to choose just one field to master
18. A cruise is not an appealing prospect for me
19. I’m colour blind
20. If I wasn’t colour blind, I’d have tried to become a fighter jet pilot
21. If I became a fighter jet pilot, I’d have tried to become an astronaut
22. As soon as I can afford it, I’m buying a ticket on Virgin Galactic
23. That will be a long time coming, because I keep spending my savings on my car, and more travel
24. I wonder if anyone noticed that I skipped number 14
25. I harbour serious doubts anyone read this far.

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Considering point 24, I’ll add one more. Despite what you would all see if you looked back at my posts from when I joined in 2009, I don’t think I’m an atheist any more. Neither am I agnostic, or religious. Maybe that doesn’t make sense, and I can’t exactly explain it, but point 6 may offer insight.

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1. One of my favorite records is the soundtrack to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

2. I chatted with David Crosby once at a book store. He was kind of a dick.

3. My best friend in Junior/High School was born on the same day and year that I was. He got off on reminding me he was the older one of us (by 6 hours).

4. For the last 24 years since I moved out of my mother’s house, I’ve lived with girlfriends or family members 95% of the time. I don’t like the idea of having strangers as housemates.

5. I’m a huge Star Wars fan (original trilogy ONLY).

6. I think Trekkies are enormous nerds, and am quite offended when people think Star Wars and Star Trek are on the same level. They are not.

7. During a 30 day period I once racked up a $700 phone bill. (yes I did pay it, and on time).

8. I have never had a drink of alcohol in my life.

9. I’ve seen a UFO.

10. I was interested in tattoos for 20 years before actually getting one. Huge mistake. Don’t wait to live your life.

11. I saw Green Day play to 30 people for free before they made it big. I thought they sucked and walked out.

12. A crazy shirtless guy once saved my family by picking us up in his van after our car died, then driving us over 75 miles out of his way to our destination. He then bought our dead car for parts the next day.

13. I have never seen Game of Thrones.

14. Photos of people doing risky activities that involve heights scare the shit out of me. I absolutely cannot look at that type of photography.

15. I’m a huge fan of Korean film and television.

16. I attended private schools until the age of 9. The contrast between public and private was so shocking I later vowed to never let my children attend public school.

17. I love Coca-Cola so much I have made peace with it’s contributions to tooth decay and empty calories.

18. I’m a caregiver for a disabled parent. I haven’t had a paycheck in over 12 years.

19. I haven’t had a full weekend off in over 12 years.

20. I absolutely despise Will Farrel. Why do people think this idiot is funny?

21. Despite getting my learner’s permit at 16, I’ve never owned a car or had a license.

22. I truly don’t see the point of Facebook and Twitter. Why would I want to automatically be updated with people’s random daily experiences/thoughts? I really don’t care what you’re having for dinner, where you’re going out to party tonight, or the color of your Christmas lights. Keep the minutiae of your daily life to yourself, please.

23. Despite having lived in SoCal for 95% of my life, I cannot swim and have no intention of learning. The sea is dirty. Yuck.

24. I have one Caucasian parent and one Hispanic parent. I feel kinship with neither cultural group.

25. I cry easily during dramatic/emotional scenes in movies and television…I’m a tattoo’d 6’3” bearded dude.

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@FutureMemory Regarding number 14, is this a horror movie for you for Halloween?

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Actually that doesn’t bother me at all. Maybe because it’s implied he knows what he’s doing and has done it before, etc.

This is what I was talking about.

Terrifying! I can’t look at those without saying “No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no noo noooo nooooo!!!!!!!!” out loud while shaking my head.

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1.My feet get really cold at night.
2. I was married for a long time and now am not.
3. ^^Correlation does not imply causation.
4. I teach 19th century English novels.
5. I met my Ex-husband while hitch hiking around England.
6. I walked around a deserted Arab village after the ‘67 war.
7. I love to swim.
8. I have a brother who died young.
9. I led a hike for fifty people last Sunday.
11.I love folk music – particularly 60s and 70s singer/songwriters.
12.I once kissed Phil Ochs – before he committed suicide.
13, I was nearly banned from England.
14. I can drive a stick shift.
15. I went parasailing
16. I love hot baths and cold Riesling.
17. I have a son in Paris and a son in SF.
18. I am secretly the avian Elizabeth Bennett.
19. I am an insomniac – my brain does not have an “off” button.
20. I love to walk.
21. I can be very punny.
22. I won’t date a far right Republican.
23. Sometimes I love being alive and sometimes I hate it.
24. I have trouble staying in the moment.
25. I eat erratically but watch my weight carefully.

Coloma's avatar

^^^ You aso have flat feet. lol

janbb's avatar

@Coloma How did you know?

FireMadeFlesh's avatar

@FutureMemory Ah, got it. Those photos actually give me a bit of vertigo as well to be honest. I’d never climb to those places without at least a parachute – Dean Potter style safety. That’s despite never having BASE jumped, and being a relatively poor skydiver.

rojo's avatar

@janbb Hey! That item 12, that wouldn’t be one of those correlation/causation things either would it?

janbb's avatar

@rojo I hope not!

Coloma's avatar

Random fact #26

I like colorful buckets.
Today I mixed and matched them in the bird barn.
Red bucket in green pan, purple bucket in black pan, blue bucket in red pan, teal bucket in yellow pan. Yes, I have all my little duckies ( and goosies ) in a row. A colorful row. lol

DrasticDreamer's avatar

I really like reading all of this stuff about you guys. Much of it fascinates me.

@FireMadeFlesh You have definitely inspired me to look more into Isaiah Berlin now.

FireMadeFlesh's avatar

@DrasticDreamer The first book of his I read was a collection of essays called The Crooked Timber of Humanity. It had quite some impact on me.

DrasticDreamer's avatar

@FireMadeFlesh Ah, thanks, I’ll definitely add him to my reading list.

Aethelwine's avatar

1. The hardest thing I ever did was watch my mother struggle and suffer for 10 months after her ruptured brain aneurysm last year. She passed away last New Years, the same date that her mother passed away many years ago.

2. I have spent almost half of my life with my best friend (my husband)

3. I am happiest when I am walking in the woods.

4. I’m also happiest when I’m on a boat.

5. I have a scary movie on the television every day during the month of October.

6. My new favorite hobby is making jam. Watermelon habanero was the last batch I made.

7. My passion is nature and landscape photography.

8. I don’t kill spiders.

9. I enjoy listening to college radio stations.

10. I hate shellfish.

11. I went to a One Direction concert at Soldier Field and enjoyed every minute of it.

12. 30 Days of Night is my favorite vampire film.

13. I’m soft spoken.

14. I have a hard time saying no.

15. I believe in second chances.

16. I don’t understand how some people can be so hateful and rude.

17. I will do whatever I can to help a stranger in need.

18. I was first chair clarinet, then first chair alto saxophone when I was in school.

19. I crack my knuckles all the time.

20. I went to the first Lollapalooza in Chicago.

21. I’ve spent half my life on the west coast and the other half in Illinois. I prefer Illinois.

22. I’d love to learn how to spin sugar but I have a bad habit of burning myself in the kitchen. Not sure if this would be a good idea.

23. I can eat cereal any time of the day, or night.

24. I experience migraines with aura. I get visual disturbances without a debilitating headache.

25. I’m extremely introverted.

Adagio's avatar

1. My cat is 17.
2. I used to have a dog called Lily.
3. I love where I live (NZ), specifically I love exactly where I am living, the view out my window.
4. I’ve just watched Mad Men series 6 and two old Humphrey Bogart films.
5. I recently had to buy new speakers for my computer, they are not quite powerful enough unfortunately.
6. My bedroom walls are painted a soft avocado green.
7. My daughter lives on the other side of the Tasman in Melbourne, Australia.
8. 35 years ago I lived in what some people call a commune, we grew beautiful vegetables.
9. I used to be blonde, those were the days…
10. I have a Vincent van Gogh calendar hanging in my bedroom.
11. I was a teenage wild child, my parents tended towards liberal in their child rearing attitudes.
12. I once lived on an island in Auckland’s Waitemata harbour.
13. I used to learn the flute as a child and played around with bamboo flutes in my early adult years.
14. In 1979 I went to a 3-day music festival, I travelled there in my friend’s house truck.
15. I cried when my mother left me at school on my first day.
16. I loved fishing when I was a child and was nearly swept off rocks by a rogue wave, my father saved me.
17. I have never mowed a lawn in my life.
18. On my dressing table is a small pottery ”?”, I made it when I was 7 and have absolutely no idea what it is.

I’ve only got time to write 18 random facts, you will have to settle for that.

DrasticDreamer's avatar

@jonsblond Feel free to send me jam any time you want! :D We have quite a bit in common, actually. I also experienced my first visual migraine not too long ago and it scared me really bad. I hope I never have another one. But mine hurt horribly after the visuals went away.

DrasticDreamer's avatar

@Adagio When you get more time, you’ll have to tell me how living in a commune was. I’ve always been intrigued by it and was even considering it with some other people I know, at one point. 18 facts works, but feel free to finish the rest if you ever get the urge. :)

Haleth's avatar

1. I like to paint
2. At work we listen to classic rock all day, every day, so I’ve memorized many of the big hair rock songs of the 70s and 80s
3. Neil Young, not Neil Diamond
4. I got my start in retail management at an adult toy store
5. One day a dildo fell from a high shelf and hit me on the head. My boss (a hot punk rock chick) said it’s fun and ironic if a girl does it.
6. I love my French press and use it all the time
7. My dream is to own a pair of jammies with the footies and the hood has ears, like the kid in Where the Wild Things Are
8. I have a build-a-bear that is a jedi knight, it has a bear-sized lightsaber
9. I’m amazing at Guitar Hero, like drunken master, idiot savant level amazing
10. My family is like the Brady Bunch, only it’s a dysfunctional mess
11. My favorite poet isWalt Whitman
12. The Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History is my favorite way to spend a rainy afternoon
13. Pot brownies are awesome
14. One time I lost a year of my life to World of Warcraft
15. Related: I dropped out of art school
16. I’m in love with a guy who’s an even bigger nerd than I am, it’s unrequited
17. I’m insanely into wine, like memorizing the soil types and sub-appellations in Burgundy
18. Traveling to Alaska is the first thing on my bucket list
19. My favorite time/ place is the Outer Banks of North Carolina in fall
20. When I was younger I was briefly homeless
21. I just bought a car after driving the old family bucket for years
22. After a lifetime of shyness, I’m becoming more confident and outgoing
23. I can make wheel pottery
24. My favorite movie is In Bruges (VERY NSFW)
25. I’m working on a novel full of nested stories, like 1001 Nights.

DrasticDreamer's avatar

@Haleth #5 had me laughing. Ah, unrequited love. It’s a very delicate matter. For you:

It has seemed to me lately more possible than I knew, to carry a friendship greatly, on one side, without due correspondence on the other. Why should I cumber myself with regrets that the receiver is not capacious? It never troubles the sun that some of his rays fall wide and vain into ungrateful space, and only a small part on the reflecting planet. Let your greatness educate the crude and cold companion. If he is unequal, he will presently pass away; but thou art enlarged by thy own shining, and, no longer a mate for frogs and worms, dost soar and burn with the gods of the empyrean. It is thought a disgrace to love unrequited. But the great will see that true love cannot be unrequited. True love transcends the unworthy object, and dwells and broods on the eternal, and when the poor interposed mask crumbles, it is not sad, but feels rid of so much earth, and feels its independency the surer. Yet these things may hardly be said without a sort of treachery to the relation. The essence of friendship is entireness, a total magnanimity and trust. It must not surmise or provide for infirmity. It treats its object as a god, that it may deify both.

From Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay, “Friendship”. I may or may not have memorized it because of personal past experiences. Maybe it will resonate with you the way it did with me.

Aethelwine's avatar

@DrasticDreamer PM me your address. There’s a hard freeze tonight so I had to pick everything in our garden. I have 5 watermelon, 8 cucumbers and 3 pots of hot peppers. I have ghost peppers, banana peppers, habanero, giant marconi, serrano and 3 varieties of jalapeno. I have plenty to share. =)

DrasticDreamer's avatar

@jonsblond I didn’t actually expect anything, but yeeessss! Haha! Thank you so much! :) PM heading your way.

Haleth's avatar

@DrasticDreamer That’s a great quote. Thanks for sharing!

Coloma's avatar

@rojo Dance party! I’m rockin’ out now. lol

snowberry's avatar

1 I am older’n dirt. 2. I don’t like anchovies. 3. I love avocados. 4. I love the snow. 5. I have a “difficult” neighbor. 6. I don’t think the TSA is very good at catching terrorists; they just say they are. 7. Chocolate! 8. I’ve kept spiders as pets. 9. I enjoy foreign foods. 10. I have a driver’s license. 11. I have low tolerance for high drama people. 12. I love the mountains more than the sea. 13. I had a horrific childhood. 14. I’m not a fan of soap operas. 15. I’m learning how to garden. 16. I’ve rescued baby birds and raised them by hand. 16. I’ve rescued 2 week old kittens and raised them by bottle. 17. I like to write. 18. I’ve been on Fluther since 2009. 19. One of my kids lives in Japan. 20. I got bullied a lot as a child. 21. Chocolate! 22. I like to try new teas. 23. My last kid is moving out. 24. I’m sleepy. 25. I think I’ll take a nap.

Kardamom's avatar

Will post first, then go back and read everyone’s answers.

1. I love the smell of cat tummies.

2. I found out that if you are sitting on the board that you are sanding, with an orbital sander, you are in for a pleasant surprise : P

3. I make lots of homemade soup.

4. I’m craving Vietnamese food right now, especially fresh spring rolls.

5. I take lots of landscape photos.

6. I am my family’s official family function photographer.

7. I cannot figure out how to see my message history on Twitter. Once a message is sent, it is nowhere to be found. It’s a pain in the neck, because sometimes I want to refer to something that I already sent as a PM, but now I can’t remember exactly what I said.

8. I love salsa. Red, green, hot, mild, with tomatoes, with tomatillos, with chilies. Yum, yum yum!

9. I’m a failure at math.

10. I’ve been toying with the idea of painting a landscape on a piece of stainless steel that I have acquired.

11. I tend to eat bean and cheese burritos at least 3 times a week.

12. Although I am not a Christian, nor to I follow or believe in any religion, I love Christian choir music. Especially stuff like This

13. I love vintage Christmas decorations and cards from the 50’s and 60’s.

14. Cheese makes me happy.

15. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in over 10 years.

16. I binge watch British period dramas with my Mom.

17. I think Alan Rickman has the sexiest voice on the planet.

18. My favorite instruments are bagpipes, banjos, and cellos.

19. I am a certified Anglophile.

20. My dream vacation is to go to Yosemite in the winter and stay at the Ahwahnee Hotel.

21. I start to go mad if I don’t get into the woods every now and then.

22. I can wax poetic about food all day long, whether it’s recipes, restaurant reviews, or tips on how to make Brussels sprouts taste good to non-believers.

23. All the old timers already know this, but I’ve been a vegetarian since 1990.

24. I knew from the time I was about 3 years old that I never wanted to have kids. I’m 51 now and I still don’t want them.

25. I’m a very nurturing person, but I prefer to nurture dogs and cats, and adult humans. At our company Halloween party yesterday, I helped to set up and serve the food, and then I cleaned up afterwards. One of my co-workers said, “You really take care of your boys, you’re such a Mom.” I felt a wee bit of pride when she said that.

Coloma's avatar

@Kardamom Cheese makes me happy too. I made home made pizza last night with Tofurkey sausage and goat cheese and loads of veggies, including diced yellow squash and peppers. It was Essssstroadinary! lol

Kardamom's avatar

@Coloma One of my co-workers just turned me on to Field Roast Fake Sausage. Yummers! I need to track some down and then I shall make something like a meatball sandwich with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, baked in the oven.

longgone's avatar

1. Today, I spent seven hours in the car just to spend two hours at the beach.

2. I love the sea.

3. I like dogs and love my old Labrador.

4. I’m German, and a quarter British.

5. In my life, I only ate meat during my first five years.

6. I spent two years in South Korea when I was a kid.

7. I have never willingly killed an animal.

8. I wrote a 200-page manuscript a while ago, but never sent it off.

9. I started playing the piano when I was 18. I still intend to get (pretty) good at it.

10. I’d like to train assistant dogs one day.

11. I can be very unforgiving. I am not proud of that, though I am proud of my resolve at other times.

12. I’m introverted.

13. I’ve been studying law for the last years, but am ending that now.

14. I am easily motivated, and just as easily discouraged.

15. As a child, I had a hard time finding friends. I now have a lot of them, and love that.

16. I can be jealous of said friends’ time, because I never truly believe myself to be liked.

17. I hate that.

18. One of my best friends just moved away, and I’m not happy about that.

19. I’d like to go white-water rafting again one day.

20. I am never “in the moment”. I plan and think way too much. Because that is exhausting, I used to always distract myself in some way. Books, mostly, or at the very least thinking in To Do Lists. I started to use @hominid’s way of meditating recently, and it is helping a little.

21. I often annoy myself.

22. On the whole, I like myself. I can be home alone, and crack myself up.

23. I am a responsibility magnet in most areas of my life.

24. I very much disagree with common child rearing techniques and the school system.

25. I sometimes consider my time on Fluther a free therapy session.

Here2_4's avatar

@longgone , #24, I too, but I am wondering in what way you feel they are wrong.

longgone's avatar

^ If you start a thread asking that, I’ll be glad to join in! :)

Coloma's avatar

Fact # 27:
I have created a fine art out of scooping horse shit. I am the fastest and most accurate pooper scooper in the west. My manure rake and I are one. Not one little horse apple escapes my deft technique. lol

Here2_4's avatar

Do they have a plaque, or trophy for that?

Coloma's avatar

@Here2_4 Maybe, somewhere, but they do have this. lol
The shake-n-fork

Earthbound_Misfit's avatar

#26 I’m moving in with @Kardamom with her cat tummies, home made soup and other goodies.

snowberry's avatar

And here’s another for you, @Coloma! Tow and Collect Manure Collector, Pasture Cleaner, GOOSE POOP SWEEPER & Poo Collector

Haleth's avatar

@Earthbound_Misfit @Kardamom Not if I do first! All of that sounds delightful.

The most recent time I’ve heard Alan Rickman’s voice in anything is Marvin in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I wouldn’t call that sexy, but it’s depressingly hilarious.

jca's avatar

This question was also asked in 2014 by yours truly:

I see, according to my link, that it was also done in 2010. I haven’t yet looked at the 2009 or the 2010 versions.

I’m going to answer asap. It’s now 4:00 a.m.: Random Fact about me # 1: Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and when I can’t get back to sleep, I go on the computer (like now).

jca's avatar

OK, here goes: A few I am stealing from or channeling Jellies above -

1. Sometimes, when I’m home alone, I fall asleep early and then wake up in the middle of the night. I hate that.
2. I have 4 cats, which I think is two cats too many. I also have two red eared slider turtles, two aquatic frogs, and 5 fish (4 aquarium tanks total).
3. I have one Hispanic parent and one Caucasian parent. I look white and most people are surprised to hear I have a father from Mexico, because I think people equate “Mexicans” with short, dark people (which all Mexicans are not). I tell them “don’t judge me by my hair color because it’s fake” or “don’t judge me by my hair color because I pay a lot of money for it.” LOL.
4. I was an only child until I was 19, when my sister was born.
5. My personality test says “introvert” but I am pretty outgoing and friendly. I love to be by myself but for my job, I have to be “on” personality-wise.
6. I have traveled a lot – Hawaii, Ireland (3x), many US states far and near, Mexico, Canada.
7. I can deep throat a banana.
8. I had my one and only child at age 41, conceived naturally (which for many is considered miraculous). I was at a point in life where, if didn’t have children, it would have been fine.
9. I have never been married.
10. I wish I could have a dog, but with limited space and not being home much, it’s not possible right now. Plus the cats would kick the dog’s ass.
11. I consider some Jellies to be good friends, even though we’ve never met.
12. I would like to take up yoga.
13. I am an excellent typist – faster than most people I know.
14. I am happiest in a rural area with not many people around.
15. I believe in God but am not very religious.
16. My musical taste ranges from old school hip hop to new rap and hip hop to R&B to new wave to freestyle to all kinds of rock to pop.
17. I have a sweet tooth.
18. I like to shop.
19. I try to curb my love of sweets and my love of shopping. I am not always successful.
20. I have a 7 year old Honda with over 200,000 miles on it and it’s never had a significant problem. I think for the rest of my life, my cars will be Honda.
21. I am concerned about the state of our country and of the Earth, for all of us. Climate change, fracking, terrorism, water shortages, I think about all of it. Not obsessively, but I am concerned about it.
22. I never smoked, rarely drink and never gamble. The last time I went to Las Vegas, I gambled a total of $7. I may buy a lottery ticket about 2 or 3 times a year (so I guess to say “never gamble” is not totally accurate).
23. I am going to Orlando tomorrow. I have so much to do in the next day that at this point, 5:10 a.m. (with the new “fall back” time change), I am wondering if I should just get up and stay up and start doing some stuff around the house. I have to pack and I want to clean the house (4 cats, as I said, makes for extra cleaning).
24. I think the best coffee is from a French Press, and I highly recommend them. However,since getting a Keurig for Christmas last year, I am now addicted to the ease of the Keurig. I use Paul Newman coffee (from Costco) and I love love love it (can you tell I’m ready for coffee and probably not going back to sleep?).
25. I never wear underwear to bed.

What I am probably going to do at some point soon is look at the 2009 version, the 2010 version and the 2014 version and read what I answered on those, if at all, and how it compares.

Haleth's avatar

@jca “What I am probably going to do at some point soon is look at the 2009 version, the 2010 version and the 2014 version and read what I answered on those, if at all, and how it compares.”

We should make this an annual tradition. It would be interesting to see how everyone’s answers change over time.

jca's avatar

And in this case, twice in 2014.

Coloma's avatar

@jca # 7 will be forever branded into my brain now. LOL
Maybe you should make a movie “Deep banana.” hahaha

rojo's avatar

^^got me excited.

rojo's avatar

ps @longgone I’ll go rafting with you! Let’s do the Middle Fork of the Salmon!

longgone's avatar

^ YES! Finally found a rafting partner. Wherever, whenever! :)

Coloma's avatar

Hey you two, come on out here and run through “Hell Hole” “Meat grinder” and “Hospital Bar.”

Coloma fact # 28 I am a Cabbage-a-holic. Raw, cooked, baked, stir fried, cole slaw, can’t get enough!

rojo's avatar

So, @Coloma I looked at that link you gave us and the map associated with it and lo and behold, there you are! Right between Barking Dog and Troublemaker!

Coincidence? I think not!

Coloma's avatar

Haha…I’ve flipped in Trouble Maker before, scary!

DrasticDreamer's avatar

@jca Oops, I didn’t realize you asked one this year. Sorry about that.

jca's avatar

@DrasticDreamer: No apology necessary! I’m surprised it didn’t come up automatically when you typed it.

livelaughlove21's avatar

1. I was raised in Chicago and live in South Carolina. Two different worlds.

2. I married my high school sweetheart.

3. I graduated from the University of South Carolina in December 2013 with a BA in Psychology. I minored in Criminal Justice.

4. I have a step-brother currently serving 17 years in prison for kidnapping and burglary.

5. I’m a legal assistant, working with education attorneys.

6. I don’t get along well with my family most days and have virtually nothing in common with any of them. They could host their own Jerry Springer episode with all their drama.

7. I’ve got a dog named Daisy that I love and a cat named Chloe that I’m fond of when she’s not annoying the hell out of me.

8. I’m really into nutrition and fitness and I love lifting (and eating).

9. It doesn’t take much to annoy me.

10. I’m not an emotional person and I am very uncomfortable being around very emotional people.

11. I’m brutally honest to a fault. My husband once said, “If you are going to ask Lyndsey a question, and there’s a possibility that she might give you an answer you don’t want to hear, don’t even ask her.” I don’t walk on eggshells for anyone, unless they sign my paychecks.

12. I choose to not have many friends because it takes more time and effort to maintain friendships than I’m willing to give.

13. I want children of my own, but I’m not a huge fan of other people’s kids. Most people don’t understand that.

14. I have a fitness/nutrition blog.

15. I have a lot of half naked pictures of myself on my phone, and none of them are meant to be sexual.

16. I sometimes go to animal adoption centers with no intention of adopting an animal. I just like holding puppies.

17. I’m that girl that walks into a dressing room with 30 pairs of jeans and comes out with one I actually like.

18. I’ve never voted because I’m not interested enough in politics to educate myself on the candidates and I don’t think people who aren’t educated regarding who’s running have any place to vote. Also, I don’t give a shit what people think about me not being interested in politics.

19. I get extremely annoyed at people that begin sentences with, “Actually…” on a regular basis.

20. I’m agnostic, but my husband is a Christian (or, at least, he claims to be). Surprisingly enough, we rarely argue about religion.

21. I make delicious protein shakes and protein oatmeal, but I’m not much of a cook otherwise.

22. I get along better with men than with women.

23. I wouldn’t go back to high school if you paid me $1 million. Fuck that place.

24. I’ve never been interviewed for a job and not received an offer.

25. I have way more clothes and makeup than I actually wear.

Here2_4's avatar

Ding – dong, Avon calling!

prairierose's avatar

Twenty-five random facts about me, well here goes:
1. I am 5’3”
2. I weigh 124#
3. I have brown, almost black eyes.
4. I am sensitive.
5.I do not like “drama.”
6.I love to walk and hike.
7. I love animals.
8. I love nature.
9. I live in a conservative state, even thought I am a bleeding heart liberal.
10. I have never tired of learning.
11. I love life.
12. I love to read.
13. I like most people.
14. I have empathy for others.
15. I cried when the twin towers fell.
16. I know how to shoot a 357 magnum, I know, not very liberal of me, but I do know how.
17. I have been rich.
18. I have been poor.
19. Rich is better.
20. I have 2 spoiled cats.
21. I love to grow flowers.
22. I like sunrises better than sunsets, beginning versus end.
23. I know how to keep secrets.
24. I am glad to be alive.
25. I have learned much just by living.
Whew! I did it.

Hypocrisy_Central's avatar

I. I am not gay.
II. I am honored to be called a “Bible Thumper”.
III. I have had 6–8 bikes stolen from me lifetime.
IV. I once was a nail tech in a salon (did not pretend to be gay or Asian to get tips)
V. I abstain from ”rabbit food” (anything leafy and green)
VI. Never had sex with a virgin.
VII. Had sex with way too many bag whores.
VIII. Never worked for the government if you discount my short stint in the military.
IX. I never killed anyone.
X. Lifetime I assaulted too many people.
XI. I lost 12lb since riding my bike without even trying.
XII. I like women 34B or smaller.
XIII. I think women with ”hub caps” so be some of the sexiest women around.
XIV. I have had sexing the backseat.
XV. I have received oral sex in a movie theater (some time ago)
XVI. I like soccer better than football.
XVII. I like football better than basketball.
XVIII. I don’t like baseball at all.
XIX. I believe science is just an explanation to what God has done.
XX. I am not a misogynist
XXI. Neither am I a homophobe
XXII. I have only had two cats long enough to die of natural causes.
XXIII. I like cats best when it comes to pets.
XXIV. I never sold a piece of art for $500 dollars.
XXV. I once met a movie director who had a very young Jackie Chan in one of his movies.

Coloma's avatar

I like the smell of horse farts. lol

rojo's avatar

@Coloma Way, Way, Way TMI!

Coloma's avatar

^^^ Hey, they’re just recycled Hay. lol

FutureMemory's avatar

@Hypocrisy_Central XIII. I think women with ”hub caps” so be some of the sexiest women around.

What are hub caps?

Aethelwine's avatar

I know what hub caps aren’t. Chicken flap arms. ;)

Earthbound_Misfit's avatar

@FutureMemory, small breasts. That’s my guess.

@jonsblond or bingo wings.

janbb's avatar

My guess is that it’s big hips.

Coloma's avatar

Really? Nipples can fly off during rough sex? lol

jca's avatar

From the negative and sarcastic comments that @Hypocrisy_Central has made about large women, I doubt hub caps is something fatty or excessive. He seems to like ‘em small and skinny so @Winter_Pariah is probably right.

rojo's avatar

Wait!? What?! Nipples are removable??? Is this a recent development? ‘Cause as far as I can recall no matter how rough I get with them they have always stayed attached??!?!?!

Coloma's avatar

@rojo Read @Winter_Pariah ‘s link. O O

Hypocrisy_Central's avatar

Really, stuck on “hub caps”? I could have said something else and people would have assumed I was saying “near flat-chested” and taken that as something negative. Let’s get back to facts, I want to take notes, learn about my fellow Collective.

Aethelwine's avatar

Random fact about @jonsblond- She enjoys the descriptors @Hypocrisy_Central comes up with. I’m serious

Another random fact about jonsblond- She has a bad habit of biting the inside of her cheek.

Here2_4's avatar

Well. I do learn something every day. Sometimes I learn stuff I don’t feel I was missing.

FutureMemory's avatar

@Hypocrisy_Central I’ve never heard any part of a woman’s body described as “hub caps”.

@Winter_Pariah Thanks for the link.

Hypocrisy_Central's avatar

@FutureMemory I’ve never heard any part of a woman’s body described as “hub caps”
What about *gams, cheesecake, points, stick, lungs, sugar walls, taco, or backs?

Coloma's avatar

@rojo LOL that’s hilarious. Did they say “Hooters” too?

Hypocrisy_Central's avatar

Those aren’t pillows!?

rojo's avatar

and “Rubber baby buggy bumpers”.

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