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Have you been out trick or treating today?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) October 31st, 2014

I went from office to office in my building offering candy this morning. I got about 50 smiles and two “are you f***ing nuts.” Worth every second. I still have a couple of floors left. There are peeps with guns here though. (county court and probation departments, that’s were I got the nuts look.) I’ll let you know if I get winged.

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Do I look 6 years old to you?

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No, you look more like 666.

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Ave Satanas

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Not yet, but I’ll be handing out candy at the children’s hospital trick-or-treat parade later today.

Nothing like a bunch of hospitalized sick kids dressed up and trying to feel like a regular kid for a couple of hours to make you feel tremendously humble and thankful for what you have… and also tremendously thankful that children’s hospitals, and people who love to work with kids, exist.

I do feel a little silly with my homemade, thrown-together “vampire” outfit on at work today, though.

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I did bring in a bag of refined-sugar-free, dye-free, gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, fruit juice flavored suckers, which I’m about to break into. As I recall from last year, they’re pretty good.

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@Cupcake Thank you, but if I’m going for candy it’s going to be high test.

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I am dressed up for work.

I came as “Middle-Management Drunk Captain America”.

Imagine if Cap didn’t get frozen in ice for 70 years but, instead was assigned a desk job after the war.

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Trick or treat in my imagination. No one here care about Halloween. Some don’t even know what it is. My school was supposed to open a Halloween party but then they cancelled :(

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Nope and I am so glad I volunteered to work overtime tonight so I don’t have to deal with any of it.

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Tonight I will be.

At work I have on my sugar skull earrings (Betsey Johnson) and a black tee with a silhouette of a witch frolicking in a pumpkin patch.

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I’d rather watch my mother masturbate than put myself through that indignation.

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No. No trick or treaters out here at the ranch, and a big storm coming in tonight. Kids are going to get rained out in my neck o’ the woods. I did give some home made PB cookies and a blow pop to the 7 yr. old girl I babysit on occasion yesterday. The only treats getting passed out here today are horse cookies for the horses, cat treats for the cats and stale cornbread for the chickens. haha

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I am in downtown San Francisco, the Giants parade is going on, the whole town is crazy!

I went to a coffee place for trick or coffee.

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Well, I’ll tell ya… I have watched @ucme‘s mother masturbate, and I’d rather trick or treat. :^)

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I am wearing my skeletons in love shirt, two skeletons kissing. Now that is eternal. I will be applying makeup later, to look cool just in case any kids do come here for candy. Jack O. Lantern is standing by on sentry duty. “Bones” Mckenzie is dancing in the front yard.

@cookieman – That is so blech.

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I have the candy ready, the blacklights and heat lamps set up, and a couple of motion sensitive lights at the front door. I’m ready. A couple of the neighbors trick or treat and stop by for drinks. It is a fun time.

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No, but strangers offered me chocolate , at the bus stop, and I refused. I have a holiday t bone steak.

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And it just started snowing here; not a whole lot, but still…

I hope this is not a harbinger of what the rest of winter will be like. :(

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I was in town and saw the early-bird kiddies start out and high-tailed it home to the secluded ranch.

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A spooky fog just crept in and enveloped the house and little valley here creepy…this is the perfect big house for Jason to lurk in. Only one trick or treater on Halloween.haha

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Hiding in the basement watching movies. pretending we weren’t home. The doorbell never rang so that bag of Paydays is mine! all mine!

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Well, I don’t have as much candy as I started out with, but I collected 60 or 70 smiles, laughs, and one “That was a damned nice thing to do”. I think I came out ahead. :)

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Just came back from the neighbors. Two big shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream and a Butterfinger Yum!
I’m done for the night.

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@LuckyGuy Now that’s trick or treating. Maybe I should try a bottle of Bailey’s next Halloween. The building will be rocking.

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@ragingloli The psycho from the “Friday the 13th” horror movies.

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Yep. My husband, mother- and sister-in-law and the latter’s 18-month-old daughter walked the neighborhood for a couple of hours and got a bucket full of candy for the baby. We usually turn the porch light off and avoid trick-or-treaters, so this year we were a bit more involved. A few neighbors had some pretty elaborate set-ups. One converted their garage to a haunted maze thing with strobe lights and kids in creepy costumes scaring the crap out of you. Pretty awesome.

@ragingloli Who is Jason?! You can’t be serious.

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Last night and then again tonight. Our little town does trick-or-treating the 30th and 31st every year. I’ll be sad when my daughter is too old for this. I love walking around town and kicking leaves on Halloween.

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@jonsblond: I bet when your daughter is too old, you can hook up with some neighbors and walk with them.

I went with my daughter in my parents’ neighborhood with two of the neighbor boys and their dad. It’s a great middle class residential neighborhood, perfect for trick-or-treating. There was an incident though, where a guy drove up to us and said some teens egged his house and he was looking for them and also notifying the cops. We heard later that the kids were caught by the cops. When I saw that guy later in front of his house, he said the cops brought the teens and their parents to clean the house off and apologize. Lesson learned for the kids.

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@cookieman You offered to pay too, keep it classy man.

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@ragingloli Jason vorhese the camp crystal lake murderer on tv. Wears a hockey mask and has a machete.

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I was reading this morning about all the little kids that were mowed down by reckless drivers all over the country last night. Three 13 year old girls in L.A. Twins from one family. Several others around the country. So sad.

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Of course, sweets…

I find the treat to be, well deserved.

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Well, sometimes the tricks are pretty sweet too.

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Mastema has the tricks, the Sisters have the treats…

(runs finger up your arm)

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I once handed out chocolate covered Milk Bones. Trick! The kiddies had nice clean teeth though. lol

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Apparently I have tricks. Having an axe swing at you is never a trick.

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What rot.

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