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Should I still look for other work if I accepted a temp-to-hire position?

Asked by chelle21689 (7421points) October 31st, 2014

Hi, everyone. I finally received a job offer after being unemployed for over 3 months now. It’s been difficult to find a job but I’ve finally found a decent place. It’s a big company but the office I’ll be working at is very small and quiet, decent driving distance (about 20 minutes away), set schedule, and higher pay than my previous job which is $1 more an hour.

I’m definitely accepting because I think my short length of experience is the reason why it has been difficult to get a job in HR. The thing is, this is only a temp-to-hire position. Anywhere from 4–12 months they can take to decide whether they want me permanently or not. No benefits…NOTHING. I was hoping for benefits too because of some health conditions I have…
I’m afraid they can take advantage and wait ONE year before they want to hire me on completely.

Anyways, should I still look for other work and be interviewing just in case? I’ve never had a temporary position before so I’m not sure how it works. If they don’t want you, is it considered being FIRED?


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Also, do most places wait until you’re completely permanent until your vacation/sick time off hours start accruing??

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I don’t see any harm in your still looking for other positions. You will begin to get a feel for this place and your prospects as you work there.

As for the accrual of time, you need to ask the company that.

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Chances are, they will get rid of you after a year and find another temp to exploit.

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I would. They have made no long term commitment to you nor you to them. If they don’t put you on full time it is not considered being fired. You are safe there.

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@Jaxk, I asked if they hired on most people and he said yes if they do a great job. But of course he’d say that lol. At least if they don’t want me, it won’t be considered fired. Maybe at the 4 month mark…or even 3…I’ll start putting in applications if I don’t hear anything.

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@chelle21689 – Many companies will use the temp agency as a tool to find full time employees. The 3–4 month trial is more a requirement from the temp agency than the employer (the agency needs to make sure they get their money as well).

Of course it’s never clear whether the employer is looking for full time or simply filling a temporary need. Either way, good luck to you.

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There’s no reason to stop looking for other/better work even if they made you CEO with full benefits, a company car, and an entertainment expense account. Keep looking for your next job.

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If you think you will like the company then I would not bother to look. Have you checked healthcare options with obamacare? Or, even private insurance that maybe has a very high deductible?

If you got the job through a temp agency the agency probably does offer medical insurance.

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I had the same thought as you, @chelle21689. Wade in and give the new job your all…don’t worry about looking for other employment for a while. Once you get on the job you’ll network with other employees and get a feel for the company. If most of the people there are full time and through an agency, then your chances are good.

If the employer finds out you never stopped looking for a job, they’re going to count that against you.

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Absolutely keep lookin.

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I’d say it depends on how you feel about this job. If you like it, and want to keep it, then act as if that’s exactly the way it’s going to be. Really dive into the job, learn all you can, make yourself a valuable part of the company that they’d be crazy to lose. If, eventually, they decide to let you go… well at least you have some experience, and that should make it easier to find the next position.

If, on the other hand, you find you’re not enjoying this new job, then by all means keep looking. Just be aware that this may well be seen as a lack of commitment, which of course it is!

Employers may well use the employment laws to their advantage, and sometimes at your expense, but the good ones, the ones you want to work for, are not daft! They’ll recognize your talent, commitment, and whatever other values you bring, and reward them.

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