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Any good restaurants next to the Punchline Comedy Club? (SF)

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) July 10th, 2008

Taking a ‘friend’ on a date (stag). I’d like to find a fun/cool/nice place for her and I to eat and get me past the friend stage. On Monday, we’re seeing Fags and Hags, featuring a local comedian I used to work with. The Punchline is downtown by the Embarcadero Plaza.

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For romance or budding romance, try First Crush Restaurant & Wine Bar (French).

If you want to go pricey and she is adventurous, Zushi Puzzle for sushi.

Less adventurous: Soluna Cafe & Lounge (Cal. cuisine).

More casual: Original Joes (Burgers) or Darbar (Indian).

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Maybe try something in the Ferry Building!

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