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How much money is in your wallet or pocket just now?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) October 31st, 2014

As asked. You don’t have to go count it, you probably have a good idea.

Is this a usual amount, or do you have something to pay off? Some windfall?

Edit: Ready cash, not pocket change.

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I always keep a twenty, a few singles and one blank check in my wallet, and my secret $20 folded and tucked away in a little leather credit card holder. I never deviate. (And then I have my ultra-secret $20 emergency back-up somewhere else in my purse. I keep forgetting about that one.)

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$40 plus change.

I don’t have a ‘usual’ amount. Sometimes I might have almost nothing in there. Other times quite a bit more. If I’m taking people out for coffee or dinner, I’ll make sure I’ve got more on me. Other times, I don’t use cash apart from buying a coffee or odd items like that.

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A handful of pennies.

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125 dollors worth of Loonies plus extra change.

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None. I almost never have cash.

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Very similar to @gailcalled!

I usually have $21—$39 in “ready” cash. A $20 bill and change from a broken $20 bill. When I break my $20 bill, I grab another from the ATM.

I also have a blank check in my wallet. A “back-up” $20 bill that’s folded and tucked away behind my credit cards. And a “super secret” $20 that I usually forget about.


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If you count the $1 refund voucher I have, $18.
Usually I carry $61—Two 20s, one 10, one 5, and six ones.

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$150 for groceries (to feed 5 people for the week)

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I rarely have more than $20, and until I’m medically cleared to return to work and dig myself out of the hole I dug with this latest chapter of my life, it’ll likely remain empty for a long time.

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My budget is twenty per day. What I usually do is pull out 300 in twentys every 15 days. Then each day I get a new twenty and at the end of the day what is left goes into a bucket. Bucket money goes to buying things like shoes and electronics.

Right now I have a twenty in my wallet since I haven’t left my apartment today.

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Fifty in twenties and a five and singles.

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About $70.

I try to shop with cash when possible, and try to use cash for gasoline for the car. I usually take $200 out of the bank at a time for shopping, gas, and whatever else.

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I use debit for almost everything. I used to keep a $10 or a $20 at all times, but it would be in my wallet for months.

I only have cash if my wife gives it to me.

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~$150. I rarely use a credit card for purchases less than $20. It reduces my exposure and is better for the merchants. Sure, I lose the 1.5% cash back. Big deal. At the end of the year it might add up to $20—$30 but I more than make up for it by getting a better deal with the, garage mechanic, the local grocery store, the barber….
Typically, I get $400 from the ATM and slowly use it up. I refill when I get below $100.

My spending habits do not change one bit whether I have $500 or $50 in my wallet. I only buy what I need.

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$20.00 bill in the wallet. plus the $20.00 we don’t mention behind the drivers license that will probably be used to purchase books at some point.

Cleaned out the change into the grandkids jar this afternoon so no change.

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$80 to $100. It’s my gasoline money. Some gas stations offer a slightly cheaper $/gal if you pay with cash.

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An unusually high amount for me. $241.00 in paper, and almost $4.00 in change. It’s because we were on vacation last weekend, and I usually take out extra cash on vacation. I won’t need more cash for a few months most likely. $20 can sit in my wallet for a month, I charge everything usually. The exceptions are splitting a meal with someone I often throw in cash. Sometimes I leave a tip in cash if I am in a tip situation, and when something cost less than $5 I often use cash, but it is very rare I am buying something for less than $5. Maybe I’ll use some of that money for Christmas money for my neice and nephew.

In fact, I’m going to take some of that money out of my wallet, I’m glad you reminded me.

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$485.00 (I don’t use credit cards)

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$0. I use debit for pretty much everything.

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I’m naked under the covers at the moment; so, none. On a typical day, I keep $10–20 in my pocket. If I’m heading on an excursion, I will take $60–100, depending on where I’ll be and the chances that they won’t want to take credit cards.

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$65 I think…. Usually have a tuckie of $100, when I’m not so broke.

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Lurve for tuckie.

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I’m in my jammies right now, so none. Usually around $200, though. Using cash for everything helps me keep track of my spending.

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In my wallet, roughly £700.
The staff do like their tips, always best to keep a little loose change handy.

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I usually have anywhere between £0 and £40. Very rare for me to carry more than that.

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Junk/auction/resale is a cash-and-carry business so I rarely carry less than $500 cash. All my retail purchases are credit card (1% cash back), I don’t currently have an active debit card, and I don’t expect secondary markets to accept credit. I write maybe a dozen checks a year, so finding the checkbook is always a challenge.

To paraphrase @LuckyGuy, “My spending habits do not change one bit whether I have $500 or $50 in my wallet. I only buy what I need [to]”.

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This isn’t common for me, usually I have £10 or less.

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I am traveling today to Orlando, and for this I took out $300 cash to start.

For this trip, I’ll use cash when possible as always. I will probably use credit more than I do at home, because I’ll be going through paying for two meals per day for two people plus whatever else, so the cash will go pretty quickly.

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