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Egg salad. Delicious sandwich filling, or tasteless glop, in your opinion?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) October 31st, 2014

If you vote delicious, I’d appreciate your recipe.

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Smelly, tasteless glop.

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Delicious, but you have to go light on the mayo, and add some curry powder along with a bit of dried mustard.

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A plain old bread sandwich tastes better.

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On sour dough with a dill pickle.

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I make it with celery and I like it on the dry side as well, like @zenvelo. When I get egg salad at delis, it’s gross because they make it so creamy with mayo. Many people like it that way, but I like it with barely enough mayo to hold it together. I’ll put some salt and pepper in there, too, and put it on white bread toast.

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Fair sandwich filling. Excellent movie plot device.

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I LOVE egg salad!!! Can’t eat it as often as I used to because it’s so loaded with cholesterol, but every once in while I just say to hell with that and make myself a big enough batch for two sandwiches. I use either white bread or something grainy, lots of Mayo and sometimes I include a thin slick of tomato.

Unlike @jca, I won’t eat egg salad if it’s got celery in it, but I do sometimes add chopped onion and/or chopped green or black olives.

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Gloppy and delicious.

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Stinky glop.

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The stuff I make myself is delicious. Finely diced celery, vinaigrette with lots of Dijon mustard and snipped fresh tarragon.

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Have never developed a taste for it and don’t have plans to in the future.

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It looks like @zenvelo and I use the same recipe. Delicious in a toasted pita pocket topped with fresh tomato from the garden.

An easy, inexpensive and cool meal for a hot summer day.

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Delicious, but mostly when it’s on toasted wheat bread.

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I don’t eat it because I watch my cholesterol, but I like egg salad and deviled eggs and I use the same ingredents for both basically. Egg, Hellmann’s mayo, and mustard. I use deli mustard, because that is what is in my fridge, regular yellow mustard would be fine too. I usually pop out the yellow and mix the mayo and mustard with the yolk first so the white doesn’t get to beaten up when combining ingredients. I might even toss one yolk out of three in garbage if I want to make the egg salad lower cholesterol. Then I mini dice up the whites and start combining. I add a little more mayo if necessary, double check by taste if there is enough mustard, and done. Be careful not to add too much mustard, it can overpower the egg.

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I love egg salad but can’t stand the stuff sold in supermarkets or delis. Why? Because they invariably make one of two mistakes which ruins it.

Firstly, they boil their eggs at too high temps or for too long so that the white part comes out tough and chewy like rubber bands.

Secondly, when finished cooking they don’t put them in really cold or ice water. Failure to do that results in that green ring around the yolk and that string sulphur taste. Yuck.

My Recipe:

I cook mine quite similarly to that of Julia Child. Place the eggs in pot full of water and bring to boil. As soon as it boils, immediately take off heat, cover tightly and let stand for 15 minutes.

After 15 mins. immediately drain and place in ice water to cool.

After peeling I separate out the yolks and grate the whites finely. Mash together with the yolks and enough mayo to get a smooth consistency.

Season to taste with salt, pepper and whatever other flavors you like. I always add toasted onion granules and a bit of powdered mustard.

Other things I add if I’m looking for more variety: Mild Curry Powder, Paprika, either regular or smoked (called Pimenton).
Celery Salt, a dash or two of soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce.

That’s pretty much it. Enjoy.

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you know what is really disgusting? peanut butter

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@Buttonstc: Did you mean to omit any mention of either mayo or oil and vinegar?

I use an old-fashioned metal gadget to slice the hard-boiled egg; then I remove it, rotate it 90˚ and reslice for a nice, fine dice. It was my mother’s and almost the only kitchen novelty device I do use. Similar to this.

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So many delightful, delicious variations…lots of finely diced green onions, cilantro, miso/mayo, grated fresh ginger….

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It’s there. QUOTE:
“Mash together with the yolks and enough mayo to get a smooth consistency.”

You read too fast :)

If I’m in a hurry or making really large amounts for a party, I’ll use the egg slicer as you’ve described. But I really do prefer a finer chop.

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^^(I did, and I do, twice,)

With the double slice and the egg slicer, I get these neat teeny cubes that smush easily when I add the vinaigrette (a way to eliminate yet more eggs(.

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If the tines on the slicer were double (thus with less space between them) then the cubes would be small enough to suit me :)

As it stands, you find the cubes tiny while I find them too big. To each his own :)

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My egg slicer is probably 60 years old; maybe the wires back then were closer together.

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I love egg salad! Instead of regular mayo, I use Vegenaise and good old regular yellow mustard in equal amounts. For 6 eggs, that would be about a quarter cup each, but I taste and add more of one or the other until it tastes right to me. I like to add a bit of chopped celery and about a half teaspoon of pickle relish too. If I’m feeling festive, I might add about a teaspoon of chopped ripe black olives, or a quarter teaspoon of dried dill (not the olives and dill together, though).

Minus the celery and pickle relish, and/or olives, I like to add a quarter teaspoon of good curry powder.

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@Kardamom I’m just curious why you use veganaise? To save a little on the cholesterol?

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I like it when mixed with mayo and sliced green olives. 10–12 olives to 2 eggs is about right.

And… that brings me to a story.
Back in my youth, early 20’s, I used to go out with my coworkers to a deli almost every day to get sandwiches and subs for lunch. The woman working there was “older”, probably in her young 40’s, and she filled out her jeans perfectly. All her parts were in the right places and “met or exceeded specifications” as we engineers like to say. Every time I went in there my heart would quicken when I saw her – and I’d blush .
I always ordered the same thing – egg and olive sandwich – and secretly enjoyed watching her move as she made it.
One day, I walked in there as usual and was getting ready to order but did not have the chance. She leaned into the counter looked me right in the eye and quietly said: “I know what you want” and proceeded to lick some egg and olive mix off her thumb. O.M.G!!!
I don’t remember if my pants got wet at that instant but they sure did days later!

I still smile when I drive by there. Ahhh… The Sub Queen!

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@JLeslie The Vegenaise tastes just like regular mayo to me, but it has no cholesterol and it has less icky ingredients than regular mayo. So I can eat more of it and enjoy it more.

Vegenaise Ingredients.

Kraft Mayonnaise Ingredients

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@LuckyGuy Egg salad porn!

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@Kardamom I gotta tell ya’, even now, just thinking about it made the juices flow. I suddenly remembered the look of her lipstick.
Wha?... what were we talking about?

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I was kind of getting off a little bitty bit by you just describing this whole situation. Hee hee.

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I have found egg salad to be tasteless glop.
I will henceforth have to try some of the recipes here. I’ve noticed that chopped onion helps, and I think curry might be the taste I was looking for.


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If you’re a fan of more spicy foods (I’m definitely not so I didn’t mention it in my suggestions) maybe you’d enjoy adding a shot or two of Sriracha.

This is the one condiment that people are currently raving about everywhere and buying in prodigious numbers. You’d think they discovered gold or something :)

Are you familiar with it? If not, you might consider giving it a try and be pleasantly surprised.

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No Sriraca for me, thanks. But I do find that a good dose of chipolata is great in cream based salads. Cholula brand, I think it is. Good suggestion, @Buttonstc!

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@ibstubro If you want to shake things up a bit, you might enjoy this recipe for Pesto Egg Salad

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I’m not a pesto fan, @Kardamom. @gailcalled‘s version with a vinaigrette has me seriously interested. I’ve never heard of egg salad without mayo/MWhip.

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2Ibstubor, Do you know that mayo is simply an emulsion of oil, vineager (and/or lemon juice and raw egg? Dijon mustard, salt and pepper often included. It’s easy, cheap and tastes much better than store-bought.

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edit; @ibstubro Everyone should make mayo once in his life. It is easy and yet thrilling.

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Yes, and I even had a mayo maker, @gailcalled. Glass jar with the ingredients/directions printed on the side and a slotted plunger much like the old hand milkshake makers. I doubted my sincerity about making mayo, so I have it priced at the antique mall. I grew up on Miracle Whip and have only recently developed a tolerance appreciation for mayo. Mostly as a diffuser for spicy mustard. But you made no mention of mayo in your egg salad?
The lack of mayo in “The stuff I make myself is delicious. Finely diced celery, vinaigrette with lots of Dijon mustard and snipped fresh tarragon.” was the appeal? Recipe, please. Even PM.

Maybe I’ll collect the mayo maker. Lately on the holiday’s one of the women has been bringing fresh eggs, boiling them, and making deviled eggs. Nearly still warm when we eat them and they are amazing. Creamy and delicious. I could make the mayo while the eggs boil.

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@Kardamom Have you ever heard of the egg-olive salad mentioned? @LuckyGuy‘s egg salad was lost in lust.

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@ibstubro I’ve never had the egg and olive salad, but I sure want some now. I’m off to take a cold shower.

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With a nifty story, nonetheless, @Kardamom.

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So craving an egg and olive salad sandwich right now. Who knew that Lucky Guy would have created this particular food porn for Fluther. I think I might need a few moments to myself.

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I have not tried the recipe yet, @Kardamom, but so plan to!

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There is a chain of delis in downtown San Francisco (Bill’s) an they make a great egg salad and chopped olive sandwich. Great combo with just a piece of lettuce and whole wheat bread!

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@ibstubro and @LuckyGuy and @zenvelo I think we need to go fill up the Fluther mansion’s hot tub with egg and olive salad. Last one in’s a rotten egg!

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Thanks, @Kardamom, but a butthole touches MY egg salad, and the salad is on it’s own, far away.

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(I’d eat it.)

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@LuckyGuy Maybe we can track down the sandwich lady and let her lick it off of you.

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@Kardamom Oooo….. After all, she already knows what I want.

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Okay. At the wholesale place I shop they had medium eggs today for 50¢ a dozen. I bought 3 dozen and boiled 6. Tomorrow I’m to try @LuckyGuy‘s egg and olive salad. I’ll also probably make some traditional with mayo and celery, but with a dash of chipolte.
Even better for @LuckyGuy‘s recipe, the eggs expire tomorrow.

Oh, and I tried a new way of boiling the eggs, from the internet.
Pot of boiling water. Lower in eggs from the fridge. Simmer at the lowest possible simmer for 11 minutes. Eat or cold water bath. Perfectly cooked, and peeled like a dream.

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Wait! What? Eggs expire?! Not in my world.
I have found that older eggs peel much better than fresh eggs. A quick search turned up this article on the subject: Why are some boiled eggs easier to peel than others?

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You could buy a case, @LuckyGuy. 15 dozen eggs for $7.50.

When I was a kid my mom kept farm-fresh eggs in a non-selfdefrosting refrigerator in the basement for over 6 months. Self-defrosting refrigerators are the modern enemy of eggs. They suck the moisture through the porous shells, making them float, aka, unsafe to use.

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