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Do you think that taking time off one's life is the way to ensure a productive life later?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2141points) November 1st, 2014

Tell me how to get rid of the ongoing uninteresting and meaningless life. I am just pissed at the way life is appearing, I mean, I feel despair and sadness, melancholy because I am not able to change myself for the better.
Any help shall be greatly appreciated.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “taking time off one’s life.” You can’t cryogenically freeze yourself for five years; you have to live through it.

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Do you mean leaving everything and going off somewhere far away for a long time?

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Yes, I mean just not doing the damn daily routine and moving far away.

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In that case, it might be helpful if you can find something you would like to do for a while instead. Is there someplace else you’ve always wanted to go or something you’d like to try? And is this feasible or just a wish for an escape? What is the problem with what you are doing now?

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Unless the break takes you elsewhere into another routine or gives you a sense of security, I think such a drastic break might even make things worse. It might throw you off track completely or confuse you more or even make you unable to fit in again! If you have the financial means to take a break by all means do so but not too long.

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I need a break….I just can’t deal with the things properly. My mind needs a direction, a change. A transformation.

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I get the impression that you’re young, and so at the stage of life when one typically does a lot of imagining about the kind of life one would like for oneself. You’ve got expectations, or at least dreams, of what a good life would be like, and when you look at the reality of your present circumstances they just don’t measure up to the way you’d like life to be. That leads to the kind of dissatisfaction you’re feeling now.

So this distance between the life you desire and the life you have is too great. How to close that gap, then? It’s not unusual that you think in terms of overhauling your circumstances, with all of their boring and annoying aspects, hoping that completely different circumstances will be closer to your ideal. And there may be some truth to that.

But it could be too that your expectations could use some adjustment. What is really required for a fulfilling life? It’s easy to overestimate this. It certainly isn’t necessary, or even possible, to get rid of everything that irritates you. And it isn’t possible to eliminate the dull or dreary parts of life and keep only the highs. A big piece of contentment—probably the biggest piece—is seeing this “mixed bag” quality of life and accepting that. If you can only be happy when the pendulum of life swings to the high side, then you will be miserable much of the time. When things “aren’t right”, you’ll fight against your own life, trying to get the pendulum back up to the high side; and even when that happens you’ll live in anxiety, knowing that it can swing back down.

Things get much better when you make your peace with these swings. This means learning to live the downside just as fully as the upside, not pushing against one and chasing after the other. Your life then becomes whole and seamless, and you can relax about it.

I don’t know your circumstances. It may very well be that something needs to change, and that you can and should help that change along. But most of us—and probably you too—can do more to appreciate the life we have.

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One thing about taking a break- no matter where you go, there you are! It’s not a change of circumstances needed as much as a change in yourself.

If you don’t like what you are doing, stop doing it. Live in the moment, don’t project your future.

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It might be helpful if we knew a bit more specifically about where you are in your life and what is bothering you. Otherwise, we’re just addressing generalities.

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How about looking at AmeriCorps.

Here is their website.
It is a fantastic opportunity for a young person to gain experience and make the world a better place.

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Taking a break is also a good option but after few days you have to follow the same routine so why not make some changes in your daily routine. There are many ways of doing same things so why don’t you try it.

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