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Sleep paralysis?

Asked by xgunther (446points) July 14th, 2007

On a few occasions, during the night, I will wake up. But only for a few seconds. And in these few seconds, I am unable to move or speak. During these "events", sometimes my dreams still linger into my semi-conscious state, which makes this event extremely terrifying. IMO, this feeling, I imagine, is the closest thing to death. When the few seconds are up, I can also consciously observe a rapid descent back to deep sleep.

I don't do drugs. And I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy, although one can never be too certain of that. ;-)

Any ideas of what this could be? Is it a medical condition? Anyone else experience this? Thanks!

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My wife has experienced this on occation. I think all the episodes were when she was away at college. She also was not doing drugs.

She never looked in to the medical diagnosis of it.

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The REM stage of sleep is the closest to stage to being awake. As I understand it our brains paralyze all of us during REM stage sleep so that we don't act out our dreams. I have head of that happening to others. I would talk to you doctor.

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nothing to worry about. Our brains do this during sleep to protect us. Sometimes it just takes time to undo when we wake because we are not fully awake

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I have this happen from time to time. Used to try to move, yell, etc. to attempt to wake myself up, but all that movement, noise, etc. that I was attempting was of course just happening inside my head. It was a dream within a dream. It was scary until I realized that it was harmless and decided to just lie there until I really woke up.

A similar kind of dream that I have occasionally is when I think that I am trying to wake up, but I am so sleepy that I cannot open my eyes or get out of bed. I will (again) roll out of bed, try to crawl toward a door/window/TV etc. so I can wake myself up. But, of course, I am just still asleep and have not moved or awakened. Once I decide to just lie still until I wake up – I wake up. Weird – maybe. Whacko – don’t think so.

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I had this regularly when using sleep aids like nirol or niquil.

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Ive had this all my life. My way of coping…when I find Im haveing an epasode, i think or say to the spector, I am not afraid of you. this will usealy help me wake up.

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