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Got anything major coming up next week?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) November 2nd, 2014

An interview, a much awaited date, a work project due, the arrival of something or someone, got something big to buy? Are you looking forward to something big/important/different in the coming week?

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Election day and an estimate on cost of two new tires.

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Yeah,with the weather changing, I hope an uneventful work week.

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Heading back to England to be with my partner for the next five months.

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Must. Must. Must. Finish. My. Thesis. Or I lose everything I worked on for the past three years.

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@linguaphile put all your energy and effort into it. Really hope you have the strength and inspiration to finish fast!

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I see one of my best friends on Friday – he moved away recently. Can’t wait! :]

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voting is the most important thing in my mind for next week.

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Going to Orlando for a week. I have to clean the house and pack up in the next 24 hours. I really need to get off the computer.

All my US friends, please make every effort to vote. People fought for your right to vote, people died for your right to vote.

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The truck goes in the shop. Smog certificate, oil change and an estimate for replacing the heater core. It doesn’t matter how insignificant the work, the bill is always right up there with the national debt. At home, the roll up to Thanksgiving is underway. The potential guest list is already beyond the wife’s crisis level. We’re above 24. Lots of folks want to bring new people, and our opera singer wants to bring her schoolmate,, the school mate’s husband and 2 toddlers. The wife is calmly assessing this now, but I’ve endured this before, and know I’m in for 3 weeks of hand holdings and “now now it’s gonna be fine”. And it always is. It’s just a matter of lingering within earshot, for the upcoming weeks and carrying out any and all commands. The “regulars” know the drill and all pitch in. I’m looking forward to it. This year it doesn’t appear that the grandson will available for the 2 of us to roast our manly pre Thanksgiving “practice” turkey.

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Car smog on Tues. no worries and then need to schedule an MRI to check out a, most likely, benign adenoma on my right Adrenal gland and then, friends heading out for 3 days of car racing with their new formula car so I will be going nowhere Thurs. through Sunday keeping the ranch fires burning and porch sitting between chores. I’m not worried at all about this test, I could be wrong, but my gut feeling says it is nothing to worry about. We shall see.

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@stanleybmanly We are sharing a parallel universe. haha
Car smog and Thanksgiving dinner. We do a bi-monthly TG dinner just because it is so good why only do it once a year?

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Great idea. Nothing like practice to relieve the wife’s anxiety.

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I’m going home for the first time in 3 months for 4 days. Kind of weird when I’ve lived for 26 years at home minus 6 months.

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Other things going on next week I am not looking forward to. Call a lawyer about my new house. Get an elevation survey done on my new house being built, because the builder is incompetent. Fight with my builder about how I was right that the garage door they promised me was an impossibility (hopefully they start with an apology and don’t fight) after trying to tell them, warn them it won’t work and I’m not going to pay for something they can’t deliver after the torture they put me through dismissing and ignoring me. One if many time I have unfortunately been right about the house. I wish I had been wrong.

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Our school has a national accreditation/audit. ..after that I’m looking forward to normal everyday stress.

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A much needed visit with my pulmonologist that I’ve had to put off since August.

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To me, a coward, it is major to have the dentist rip off this tight temporary crown to put the permanent one on. I am so stressed out about it that I am going to insist he deaden the area first and it’s already sore from all the shots he gave me last time.
When it’s over I will race off for an ice cream sundae to celebrate my freedom. Or, maybe just drive the two miles home.

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@Aster any reason to visit a dentist is MAJOR!!!! Just the word sends shivers up my spine.

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A meeting with a representative from the county. They want to see how we can help solve a technical issue.
We can do anything!

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Processing the deer hubby brought home from the first day of hunting season. We do it all right in the kitchen. It’s a long long and tiring process. Ugh. But it will feed us well.

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I’m going to a concert tonight and planning a grand re-opening at our store next weekend. The neighborhood has been under construction and it’s finally wrapping up. It has been SUCH a pain getting everyone involved on the same page/ doing their part, but it looks like we’ll pull it off. And I’m about to publish our website. WHEW.

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@snowberry What do you do, string the deer up in the kitchen? haha
Hope you have plenty of tarps for the bloodbath. JK, I am assuming it is already field dressed and quartered?
My ex husband once butchered like a 40 lb. Salmon in our garage, OMG…it was like a deer, I couldn’t believe the amount of blood and guts in that fish. lol

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I get to see a surgeon Friday to see if they want to cut me open. F***ing bat is still screwing with me.

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@Adirondackwannabe What bat? What? Why? What?

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@Coloma You missed my turn as Batman?

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Nothing major. Yay!!

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Nope! Except elections. But that doesn’t wear me out.

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Buying a car, as the old one needs more work than it is worth. I agonize over these decisions – torn between what I want and what I can afford.

I also have to vote and choose my health insurance plan for 2015.

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@Coloma The meat arrived in an ice chest, already in pieces with the hide off. I deep cleaned the kitchen, then hubby, his buddy and our daughter are going at it full steam.

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It’s Monday here so I’m going to answer this as if you’re asking from next Sunday. I don’t have a lot on so far next week but as I mentioned somewhere else, I have tickets to see Yes on the Gold Coast. Even though we live about 40 minutes from the coast, we’re going to stay in a nice hotel down there and have a relaxing day on the Saturday before we drive home. I’m looking forward to it.

Beyond that, I don’t have much on next week that isn’t work related. We have the G20 here on the 15th and 16th November so I’ll be avoiding the city.

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I am voting next week. My vote will be for naught, too many Rush Loving, Ted Cruz ass-likkin’ rednecks here who think that Misogyny and Racism are the American way but I am gonna vote anyway goddamit.

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@rojo ye—ah! I’ll vote with you! Not voting is giving up, not a clever statement.

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I’ll get to do my training for ebola protocols at work.

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^^^ That reminds me, I have to get my flu shot. lol

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