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What is the most "shameful" way you've ever attempted to make money?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) November 2nd, 2014

Different people have different standards, and some of you may not think anything is shameful when you’re in desperate need of money. If you’re comfortable with sharing, I’m curious to know: What’s the “worst” job you’ve had?

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I walked around casinos in Vegas and begged for taxi money from slot machine gamblers.

The money wasn’t needed for a taxi. It was needed for food and shelter. A cute, young blonde can make a few bucks this way as long as you know how to avoid security.

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@jonsblond Was it something that you had to do for more than one night? And did you get enough to get shelter?

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There were two female friends of mine living with me and we did this for a few weeks. We made enough to pay for a cheap room at Circus Circus in the late 80s.

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Back in the late 70’s a girl friend and I had a bake sale to earn Cocaine money. lol
We lied and said we worked at a school for handicapped kids and the cakes were made by them. People made generous donations to our cause. haha

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@Coloma Oh, wow! That is definitely crazy! :)

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@DrasticDreamer My wild youth. :-)

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@Coloma Hang your head in shame. ~

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I sold an old 10pf coin from the German Empire for 5€.

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Despite my desperate need for cash at the time many years ago, I still feel bad/sad/ashamed for selling my late father’s camera he’d owned since I was a little kid. I’ve never been inside a pawn shop since.

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As a high middle manager for a large company I helped implement the top dogs’ edict to Organize the Workplace. Everything was to have a place and all desks should have labels where items go: telephone, tape, scissors, paperclips…. (Remember these are adult engineers, not first graders.)

One of my guys had a problem with the sun shining directly into his eyes when he used his monitor during certain times of the day. He taped a piece of cardboard to the top of the monitor to block the sun. During an office inspection, the top dog complained to me that it was not standard, looked messy, and should be removed.
I talked to my guy and we attached a large label to the cardboard that said: “SRAD”. That stood for Solar Radiation Abatement Device. It stayed that way for years.

Those idiots paid me good money for that BS. And I took it.

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@LuckyGuy – Oh boy! The 5 S program!

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@RocketGuy You know what I’m talking about! Engineers are cynical enough and adding this BS to the pile was ridiculous. The overpaid Director needed to do something to show he was doing something for the excessive pay he collected. Guys were using white correct tape strips to mark their desks with outlines of their monitor, in box, magazines, pencil holder, coffee cup. And we added the SRAD, a mnemonic that sounds like half the project names in use.

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