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What causes one to studder?

Asked by bugmenot (140points) July 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve noticed over the years that I’m a studderer, if I’m lucky I’ll get one sentence straight before I mess up and feel like I have to say the sentence again, correctly. Oh my gosh, I can’t stand it. I’ve always wanted to be a smooth talker, nothing more but no matter how many times I try to speak out a sentence clearly, I lose it. I’m also a slow talker, so it’s definitely not that I talk too fast.

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Here are the various causes or more accurately contributing factors:

“Though research has not identified a single cause, there appears to be several factors that are viewed as being important to the onset and development of stuttering. Therefore, stuttering is often described as being related to multiple factors and having possibly multiple causes. First, there is a genetic predisposition to stutter, as evidenced by studies of families and twins. A second important factor in the onset of stuttering is the physiological makeup of people who stutter. Research suggests that the brains of people who stutter may function abnormally during speech production. These differences in functioning may lead to breakdowns in speech production and to the development of disfluent speech.

Third, there is some evidence that speech and language development is an important issue in understanding the development of stuttering. Studies have found some evidence that children who are showing stuttering type behaviors may also have other difficulties with speech-language. Additionally, children with speech-language delays will often show stuttering type behaviors. Finally, environmental issues have a significant impact on the development of stuttering behaviors. An environment that is overly stressful or demanding, may cause children to have difficulties developing fluent speech. Though the environment, in particular parental behaviors, does not cause stuttering, it is an important factor that might adversely affect a child who is operating at a reduced capacity for developing fluent speech.

There is no evidence that stuttering is secondary to a psychological disturbance. It is reasonable to assume that stuttering might have some effect on psychological adjustment and a person’s ability to cope with speaking situations. People who stutter might experience a lower self-esteem and some might report feeling depressed.”

It is a condition that can be helped. Did you know that James Earl Jones, Winston Churchill, and Carly Simon were all stutterers? This organization is a good starting point finding help and gaining understanding.

I wish you well.

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awesome answer marina! I gave you a great answer! I’d give you 20 if I could =)

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Stress is a big part of it…..

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When I was in school, we had one “uninformed” first grade teacher that insisted on changing lefties to righties. I was one of those changed, and, as a result, I can’t tell left from right automatically ( I have to think about it). My sense of direction involves a great deal of thought. We had one kid in our class that stuttered, very badly. Somewhere in my college training, I read that could be a cause of stuttering. Following that theory, cheepdragon has a point.

I was forced to stay inside without lunch until I could color in the lines with my right hand and so was he. We were also humiliated in front of the class on how “messy” we were.

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that’s such a cruel thing for a teacher to do… sorry that happened to you seesul.

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