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What are the literary terms and devices that Ama Ata Aidoo uses in her story: The Girl Who Can ?

Asked by R_ (1points) November 3rd, 2014

I need to know what literary terms and devices she uses for this story for an essay I must finish tonight. Help if you can, thank you <3.

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If you have access through a database or school library to Gale Research’s Short Story Criticism you should find some helpful essays in it. There are also other literature resource databases that you can search.

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Here is a list of literary devices and their definitions. The most common ones that appear in nearly all fiction are simile and metaphor. Many authors also use foreshadowing, allusion, and motif.

I’d suggest for you to learn about a handful of the most common literary devices, especially these ones. Then take a highlighter or some post-it notes to the story text and look for examples. Once you’ve found your quotes, it will be easy to explain them.

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