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What are the chances this man will survive?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11657points) November 3rd, 2014

My mother’s very close friend just suffered a double massive stroke and is currently on life support. The doctors said the next 48 hours will determine his fate. My mother doesn’t know any other details yet. I’m trying my best to keep her positive and in good spirits, but what are the odds of her friend actually recovering from this? Should we be preparing for the worst?

Edit: He is in his mid 40’s, and overweight. He had open heart surgery a couple years ago and has had heart issues for awhile.

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Depends on how fast he got medical attention after the stroke, and how old he is and what shape he is in, hope he makes it,just be there for your mom in either case.

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Okay, stay optimistic, but figure chances are not that good. Those are serious issues, that lead to strokes. He might survive but not as he was before the stroke.

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I’m no God but it does not sound promising. If he does make it, he may be left with major issues depending on where the stroke hit. Keep us posted. Hope the poor soul makes it.

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Gosh. Tell her amazing things can happen in medicine these days, and keep hoping for the best. If she’s religious, remind her that miracles happen.

I’m so sorry for your mother. Please keep us updated.

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What was a death sentence 40 years ago is recoverable now, but it will be a long difficult slog. My mom had a stroke at age 76, and was in a rehab hospital for six months. She is still with us now at age 90 (91 next month).

A double stroke though implies both hemispheres, and will be difficult to address. Rehab will be long and arduous. And if he is on life support right now, it means much more is involved, so his brain may not function well enough to keep him going.

My prayers for your mom and her friend.

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A lot depends upon how timely the medical intervention was and whether it was in that “golden hour” where clot-buster drugs have their maximum effectiveness.

With so little specific info regarding when and what, it’s really difficult to say much.

I hate to say it, but if the intervention was not that timely and a tremendous amount of damage was done, it may be for the best if he just passes away peacefully.

If it were me to whom it happened and I’d likely be little more than a vegetable when I awake, then just turn off the machines and let me go peacefully. But thats just me. Others may feel differently of course.

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Well, realistically it does not sound good. A double massive stroke and having to be put on life support, with a history of heart problems and being overweight, all are not conducive to a recovery. Yes, unfortunately, be prepared for the worst. My caring thoughts are sent your way.

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A doctor once told me he was a man of science, and never believed in any sort of god, until he had been practicing medicine for a while. He said it was obvious something besides medical intervention was at play often, and that he no longer discounted recovery potential just because of what the books say. He was a brilliant surgeon, and that was thirty years ago. As was already said, things have come a long way since then. It does look bleak, but I always think of what that man said when chances look slim. He was right, and I have seen people come through with amazing strides from some pretty dark moments since then.
Be ready for the hardest, but keep hope going.
I too want to see updates.

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Depends what part of the brain the stroke affected and how severe the stroke was. Massive doesn’t sound good. The friend might prefer to die if he has severe brain damage. Does your mom know what part of the brain suffered?

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It really depends, (as already stated above in some comments) on a number of things. I know it is difficult for your mom, but tell her there is no point is morning him yet without knowing all the facts. When my brothers girlfriend had a stroke, he was so sure she was dead. The doctor said she would’ve been dead if she did not get medical attention when she did. She was in a coma for two days. The doctors were pretty sure she wouldn’t make it. I don’t remember if the coma was induced or because of the stroke. I think they put her out because getting upset could worsen her condition. She suffered some brain damage but recovered pretty well for having had a massive stroke.
They broke up afterwards but I heard she is living with family and is doing very well. One thing for sure, is she may want to know what part of the brain was affected. Personality change in stoke victims can be drastic and she may need to brace for her friend to be different.

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I’ve seen people recover from strokes, and I’ve seen them taken out “on the spot” before the EMTs even arrived, so it really could go either way.

Given his history, I would hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. And with something like that, it’s unlikely that they will come out the same person if they do pull through.

No matter which way it goes, it’s going to be rough on you, so stay optimistic, but guard that optimism carefully so that you aren’t devastated if it goes badly.

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Any update @ItalianPrincess1217? Has his status changed?

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I can’t add much to what has already been said, except, remember, sometimes death is preferable to a long and protracted existence of suffering and misery. A peaceful death opposed to being left horribly disabled is much preferable. Perhaps he will make a remarkable recovery but the odds are not in his favor. Best wishes to you and your family.

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Thank you to everyone for the support and well wishes. Unfortunately the most recent update is not a happy one. The family is coming into town today and will likely be taking him off life support. The Doctors explained that he has no brain activity and has shown no improvement. It would take a miracle for him to recover.

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Here’s a prayer for a miracle, or if not Peace for the family.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Sorry to hear that, hope it helps to know that others care and are thinking about you.

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So sorry to hear this. In his 40s is pretty young.

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