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Are there any activities you loved as a child, and continue to do on a regular basis?

Asked by tinyfaery (42939points) July 10th, 2008

I’m just asking because I love to color. Sure, I’ve graduated to the “adult coloring book”, but nonetheless, to relax and unwind, I color. I loved it as a child, and I continue to it on a fairly regular basis. How about you? Just curious as to what “childish” things we are still doing as adults. And when I say child, I mean under the age of 10.

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I caught fire flies and put them in a jar just an hour ago.

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@pete I’ve never seen a firefly. I am jealous. Where must I travel to do this?

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new jersey has a ton of them.

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Hopscotch, I play regularly.

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Pete: I used to catch fireflies when I visited TN.

I still run through the sprinklers sometimes. Just yesterday I played in the Central Park fountain by the UCD campus.

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I watch my childhood cartoons. I still enjoy them to this day! They always make me smile with glee!

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@tiny; Come to my house. I can see fireflies now through the windows.

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I loved to color as a child too. I still like to do it. I also played with Barbies alot. I played with my daughter a lot, and now I play with my niece.

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well, i’m really not sure where the child ended and the grown up started, i’m still the same in what i do really

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Jeeze, I’m a little kid trapped in a grown ups body. The only changes have been my responsablities and the year. The other day, I bought a Lego set the other day for example. It was so much fun to put together. I male sure to prioratize so that things get done but, I still love to color, eat sugar coated cereal, watch cartoons, giggle and I use my imagination pretty regularly. Why should kids get to have all the fun?

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Eat unhealthy chocolate cereal for breakfast

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I color, dance silly, play with toys, sing silly songs, play tag and many more things every day! I’m a preschool teacher and I love it!

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I like to collect rocks. I have them all over my house.

My daughter has an affinity for it too. And they say nurture is stronger than nature. Bah.

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I used to love to color and paint and play with mud, and I still do. I’ve just gotten snobby about it and call it art.

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Make out with high school girls.

Sick joke, sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

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My girlfriend got me into pokemon again on the DS, God, my childhood came rushing back to me!

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Fishing is so much fun. I won a fishing contest in 6th grade.

I should dust off my fishing pole.

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Read Comic Books.
Haven’t missed an issue since I was 12 years old (I’m 37 now).

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Eat to excess.

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reading and taking walks

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pick my nose

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@ebenezer How enjoyable is that? :)

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i “torture” my cat by picking her up & stuffing her under the covers with me to snuggle even when she is meowing that she would rather not…. in my mind this is the ultimate four-year-old thing to do & i still do it all the time. i am sure that Real Adults treat their cats unselfishly but i am not there yet i suppose.

i also eat applesauce.

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tinyfaery- depends on the crop.

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@jackson Nope. I do that too. Cats really do love it, they just want you to think they don’t.
At least that’s what I tell myself.

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Puzzles! Drawing with sidewalk chalk! Coloring!
My favorite though is playing dress up I love getting all dolled solely to feel like a princess

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I also love to play video games!!(I’m a 28/F) Growing up, my brother and I would always play against each other. Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, so fun!! Now I play socom and call of duty with my boyfriend.

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Old tv shows & cartoons will always put a smile on my face…

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Color, draw on any random scrap of paper I can find and leave it lying around the house, chase my cat and make him freak out (heh).

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Watching cartoons, playing video games, and my room is full of action figures. Yea im just a big kid.

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you and i jackson, 2 kids on the same party, haha

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I still make snow angels in the winter.

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I still skateboard, swim, and watch cartoons.

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@scamp Love snow angels! One of my favorite times was hottubbing in an outdoor tub while it was snowing. We would jump out periodically and make snow angels!

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Yes! As a kid I loved being in the water and drawing. I still love the water (pool, lake or sea) and enjoy doodling/sketching/drawing and painting.

The contrast is as a kid I didn’t get the point of DIY or crafts – my thinking was: why pay to make it when you can pay for ready-made – but now I love getting stuck in to any kind of DIY or crafts projects (knit regularly and recently taken to sewing a bit too).

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@wf Whenever I drew in the water, I got my picture wet. :)

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I just used watercolours ;)

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@wf Zing! Lurve to you!

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OK, so this is actually quite embarrassing, but I will pull out my Pokemon cards now and again… but only for nostalgia’s sake, I swear!!!

Anybody hear me?!?!? haha

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Stop lying chutterhanban you still love Pokemon…..and thats completely ok and pretty awesome ^_^

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Reading, of course

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I wouldn’ say it is an activity but I still sleep with my stuffed animals. Well particularly two of which I care very much about. Both of them I got when I was 5. Also I still leave all the marshmallows for last when eating lucky charms. Also still like “hugs” the little juice barrel things, um and watch cartoons and play video games. I still need a blanky at night no matter what.

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I love to chew gum and blow bubbles!! Never get tired of it. I still like to play on the jungle gym and I love Disney Movies and singing all the songs very very loudly.

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I also like to play in playgrounds, and play things like tag or hide and seek. I wish I could still play make believe.

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@Trance you can still play make believe…... thats what acid is for silly. =P

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I don’t do any of the things I used to do when I was a child. I used to shoot pigeons and occationally cats with an aircompressed rifle as a pre-teeneager =( I’m glad to report that I haven’t harmed a little creature since then =)

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One of the beautiful things about having kids is that I can do all the things I used to love, only now in the name of ‘hands on parenting’. What a bonus!!

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Kickball… haven’t played in a while but i was awesome at it… Plue when you run camp and you play with the little kids and your older you kick even more ass at it. heh…

Redrover…Some days I wish i could and it wouldn’t be considered a battery assault charge.

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creepy… lol

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@KingMalefic I worked at a camp all summer for three years. I too know what it feel like to whoop kids asses at kickball.

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I’ve always been an avid reader.

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YES, i started qymnastics at 5 years old and now im 15 years old and i still do it. I dont do gymnastics exactly but im a cheerleader so i use the tumbling and arobics skills that i learned in gymnastics to do certain things in cheerleading like back handsprings and twist offs. Gymnastics helped me get into cheerleading because im flexible and my tumbling skills were higher than every girl in the team. but i still do it every week. and i llove it =]

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Yes!Quite a few too!I still will draw in the sand with a stick,throw rocks at trees,if I’m not in them,jump in puddles and take bites out of chocolates and put them back in the boxlol!

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