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Can I make mac and cheese without milk?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) November 5th, 2014

Can I use extra margarine and water?

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If it’s the mac and cheese from a box, yes you can. It won’t taste quite the same, but it will still be edible. I wouldn’t add a lot of margarine, but I watch fat intake.

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I wouldn’t, but yeah, you probably can.

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I’ve done it in a pinch. Mmmmmm….greasy.

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You can, but it tastes like crap. Even soy milk, which some people use, just doesn’t work with mac and cheese

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Try keeping powdered milk on hands. I do that. I don’t like to drink it that way myself, but it is handy for such situations, and it keeps better than liquid milk. They sell it in resealable bags now, which makes it keep even better, because it can’t draw dampness. I realize my advice doesn’t do you much good for you right now, but it will make things better for you in the future. I have experienced the problem sometimes of having something cooking, and then realizing I am low on milk, or out, or it has spoiled. It is kind of a pain.

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I once made it with chocolate milk. It sucked. Just go buy some milk, dude.

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I have a solution. Just make mac without cheese or milk. Just normal macaroni with margarine.

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Why bother?

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@josie I want to use what I have. To save money. I only have $60 for the rest of the month. I have a stuffed pantry.

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Then as above. Boil the macaroni, toss in a little butter salt and pepper and sprinkle the cheese on top

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“I have a solution. Just make mac without cheese or milk. Just normal macaroni with margarine.”

Gross man. Butter would actually be healthier, er less unhealthy. What else is in your pantry? Personally I’d just substitute water myself and cook it down until it’s at the right thickness.

Gotta can of chilli?

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You can do anything you want. But what’s the point?

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Chili mac is an excellent idea. It would add nicely to some canned soups as well. I still think you would be smart to invest in some powdered milk.

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Delete the cheese sauce, add some crushed/diced tomatoes, a dab of butter and a dash of black pepper and salt. But, other than that, yes: more butter/margarine and water.

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Do you have any Mocha Mix or coffee creamer? That might work in a pinch.

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I’ve done it. It passes my (extremely low) standards.

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I still have my Bavarians in the fridge. So I am fine with food for now. I will mix with the mac seeing they are cheese Bavarians.

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