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What is the average monthly bill for owning and using an iPhone?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) July 10th, 2008

I hear the plan is $70 + $5 for texting unlimited with iPhone. I already pay almost $200 for a non-iPhone and think I should get that instead of the POS I have now. Someone who has one – what is your average monthly bill?

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No, unlimited texting is $20 I think, so the cheapest plan would be $90 for you. My monthly bill is $100, going on $110. I have the second cheapest plan I think, maybe it is the cheapest, then your plan would be the same as mine.

EDIT: Mine is the same as Randy’s, I was rounding.

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Im the only person on my bill and I have unlimited texting and the smallest minute package that AT&T carries. Mine usually runs about $94 a month.

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See. That’s what I was wondering. I have a Samsung Blackjack on the ATT 3G network now and it costs me about 200 bucks a month. I have unlimited everything on it but its costing me too much. People are complaining about the high price of the iPhone services???

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Without 3G, I have a family plan (two iPhones on AT&T), w/700 shared minutes, 250 SMS messages, data for two iPhones (unlimited), and out the door we pay $120 / month total. I have a bajillion rollover minutes so never run out (over 4000 in the bank), so the bill always stays the same.

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Wow. I am really overpaying. I have over 7000 unused rollovers and I lose about 750 each month.

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My plan is similar to sndfreQ, except I share 1000 minutes. We pay $141 a month. I have been with AT&T, and then Cingular, and then AT&T again for years now, but I don’t know if that makes a difference in plan rates.

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Yeah, you have way to many minutes. I had the same problem for about a year. I saw how many minutes I was losing each month and how many I had stored in rollover. I just called and changed my plan over the phone. I went from paying $150ish a month to the $94 average I pay now. I have the lowest amount of minutes (I can’t remember a number) and I’ve still stocked quite a few in my rollover bank.

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Right now I pay about $90 a month, once I get the 3G i will be paying about $100 each month.

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