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Can anyone fix these old pictures?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42455points) November 6th, 2014
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I’m no expert, but the color seems to be the issue and of course no detail. I’ve in the past restored photos that were very old and ‘cracked’. So, I can give one a bash (this seems much harder though since it is a color issue). Not sure?

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I could try, too—I used to fix pictures when I worked for a publication, but they’re pretty rough. I’ll need them emailed to me though.

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I gave #3 a try. If you PM me your email address, I’ll send it your way. If you like it, I can try to do the other two, as well.

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Actually, here is #3 redone

Let me know if you want the other two done.

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I decided to take a crack at #2, and here is what I got. It’s a bit tricky to balance changes to make one thing better without making other things worse.

Red -60, Green +20, Blue +5, Brightness -10, Contrast +25, Gamma 1.10 seems to be somewhere in the ballpark.

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I tried #1 as well since I was bored, and got this.

I also now remember why I switched from Photobucket to Imgur :/

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I’m up late, bored, and kind of blah, so I figured I would give #1 and
#2 a shot, as well.

I agree with @jerv when he says it’s hard to correct the color without making certain other aspects of the image look worse (particularly how grainy the images look, at least for me), but hopefully between us all you’ll be happy with how they turned out.

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@DrasticDreamer The easiest fix for “grainy” is to soften the focus… but I’m not a fan of the blurriness that involves, nor am I patient enough to go pixel-by-pixel retouching tiny little areas.

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@jerv Yeah, I softened the focus, but I didn’t like how it ended up looking so I changed them back. It’s partially just because the images are so old, so there’s only so much anyone can do.

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