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What should I ask my psychiatrist?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) November 6th, 2014

I have 5 minutes with him on thrusday November 13th. For those who know me what would you have me say as I don’t have enough insight?

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First I’d ask him why only five minutes? Then I’d ask him “briefs, or boxers”? Then I’d ask him “why no free pickled pig ears in the lobby”? I mean, we’ve only got five min… right?

Seriously @talljas… Unless his name is Nastradamus, don’t treat your psychiatrist like the Oracle of Delphi. They aren’t fortune tellers. You don’t ask them about yourself. You tell them about yourself, your problems, your triumphs, your perspective. You talk, they listen. And when they talk, you listen good. So good that you repeat what they say word for word to make sure you understand their comments. Then, and only then, ask them to explain further. Rinse and repeat.

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Ask him or her how you can get your life moving again.

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Honesty. The one thing that’s become a lost art. Just. Be. Honest.

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5 minutes? What on Earth could any psychiatrist discern in just 5 minutes?

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I assume this is mainly a meds management meeting?

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@janbb Correct its just a prescription renewal.

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Ask him if he is gratified by your progress

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Ask him what your EXACT diagnosis-es are if you don’t know them already. For instance I have Bipolar Disorder but there are three types last I checked. I know which I have and have from the start. Those are important to know.

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Tell him if you feel the meds are being effective or not, if you are feeling better or whether a change in something would be required.

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Update: My psychiatrist lowered my injection from 150cc every 28 days to 100 cc every 28 days.

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Injection of what?

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Update: I got a new queen size bed for taller people and with my injection being lowered I’m not passing out as often. I also count to five before I get up.

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I got taken off my anti-anxiety meds… doing much better. Edit I was TallJasperMan. My Psychiatrist wants me to be a spokesman for schizophrenia.

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