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Am I more likely to get cancer from sun exposure or from sunblock?

Asked by tinyfaery (42965points) July 10th, 2008

I am not that fair skinned, but I am a moley, freckley kind a gal. Now I hear that most sunblock does not work, or worse, ingredients in the sunblock can lead to cancer. I have stayed out of the sun as much as possible for the last 20 years or so, and I have used sunblock when I know I will be exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Now I don’t know what to do.

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We hear more about skin cancer due to sun exposure more than we hear about sunblock being the reason one gets cancer. I personally would be worried about the sun more than the sunblock. Look at what the sun does to other things. Fading material, damaging cars and a lot more. As long as you use something with UVA and UVB protection you should be protected.

I am fair skin and use a lotion with both UVA and UVB protection daily. Fair skin tends to burn too, so I would protect your skin as much as you can.

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Babygall is right. I addressed the “controversy” about sunblock in a previous thread a while ago. The bottom line is that sunscreen is not bad for you. You just need to reapply it regularly.

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What doesn’t cause cancer now and days?

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If you’re really worried, use a physical sunblock (with zinc or titanium in the ingredients).

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Rock a turbin and robe. The Arabs know what they’re doing.

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This site rates the sunscreens by effectiveness of their protection and low hazard.

Also, the FDA has finally approved sunscreens containing Mexoryl (which blocks UVA rays) for sale in the US. It has been available for years in Europe. You might want to look for that.

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Spargett’s got the right idea!

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I would use the sunscreen. A sunburn hurts really bad. I have had one so bad the had to scrub the skin off. OUCH!

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@gooch ouch is right! Sounds like a job for aloe vera.

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I am a sun lover. I use coconut oil all over me during the sunny times. I also use emu oil after a shower and sometimes before I go to bed. I have had no problems with my skin so far. (touch wood). I am in the 50’s age range. Both these oils heal the skin of any previous damage. Emu oil does not clog your pores and has many medical benefits. If you have a sunburn. It is awesome stuff. . It is expensive, but well worth it. I do not believe in using sun block. IT is all chemicals. UGH!!!. The coconut oil is virgin coconut oil, so I cook with it and put it on my body.
My skin is not fair, so maybe that makes a difference.

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The chances that you will develop skin cancer are remote. However, if you ever detect any change on your skin (a mole, a discoloration, etc.) see your physician. Fortunately, most skin cancers are easily removed.

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