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What were these math tests that I remember taking in school?

Asked by Mariah (25785points) November 6th, 2014

I think they were specific to New York state, possibly. Through elementary school and high school I was occasionally given these math tests to complete that were actually very fun, very puzzle-oriented, and they didn’t actually count for anything – they weren’t standardized tests, but they were created by some organization and targeted at bright students. They were usually composed of about 40 multiple choice questions. Ring any bells?

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It sounds like a segmint of the standard IQ test.
My brother had to take one when he was in the tenth grade cuz he was smart and they said he cheated on tests to pass the grade.
They was going to flunk him, so we proved he could pass the tests. He took a IQ test, and then they let him take a buch of the school test over that they said he cheated and he did just great on evrything. He is super smart. He told me what the test is like and said it was hard but it was fun. But you know I think it just sounds hard.

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They sound like the 11 plus tests we were given at that age in the UK. They were important as they decided what sort of education you would get. Sample maths paper

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I recall something like what you describe in elementary school (in Va.) Were they color-coded by levels? Students worked on them at their own pace and only if they wanted to do them?

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I finally remembered. The company was called Math League. That was bugging me.

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In New York when I was a child we took the Iowa’s every other year I think. It was always made very clear to us to just do our best and it didn’t count for a grade. When I lived in Maryland it was a different set of tests that evaluated IQ and knowledge. The math you describe could be math knowledge or IQ.

I’ll send this to @jca, she has a child and lives in NY. The only tricky part is the different school systems within the state might use different tests. Plus, her daughter is younger obviously, so tests might have changed.

It sounds like they were testing you to track you possibly.

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Oh thanks @JLeslie but see my answer above! I remembered what they were called. They were tests from the New York State Math League.

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