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What would it take to for a 20-something American to get a job in India?

Asked by skizzle (17points) July 10th, 2008

I’d be interested in working for an American company that have offices in India as kind of a liason between the American office and the Indian one. Is that a real job?

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India? Really? I would recommend checking with embassys and such to find out what your visa requirements are. I made the move about a month ago from Texas to Ireland and had to go through work visas and all sorts of crap. Here is a link I found.

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Sure, on the ground supervisor at the outsourced call center.

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I agree. You should check out the embassies for your visa requirements. You may have to get a special job permit or something for a temporary amount of time.
Yeah going to India looks like a big step. I hope the best for you.

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@danclements, great post!

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keep in mind that Indian taxi drivers are more highly educated and smarter than most American Professors, so get your PHD before trying to compete with the Indians for jobs in their own country…..Why don’t you try being a Model, or Porn Star…..

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Truly fluent English-speakers are still in high demand in India from what I hear (I haven’t been in India for over a decade but I lived in Bangladesh all through the 90’s.) I’m sure there are probably some jobs there for those who want to teach or tutor conversational English. If you’re white, you’ll be in more demand for that (sad but true.)

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Most call centers should be absolutely able to use you. I would suggest do a small internship in one to get to know the place and culture better and what other options you might have. After that you will be better prepared for ‘India’ – and that is really important because India can hit you like no other country can so you really have to flirt with India first before committing with her long term ;)

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If you really want to go to India call an 800 call center see if they are hiring they can always use trainers , and Yes I am serious, I have friends who run call centers in the Philippines and they seriously do need and seek English speaking trainers in these places.

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