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Hey Guys! What do I do to make me feel upbeat and positive?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2141points) November 7th, 2014

I think I suck terribly at time management and that has made me loose all self-worth and esteem, I feel utterly discontented with my life and daily routine. How do I cure this never ending deadlock?

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You’ve asked several questions along these lines but then don’t really engage with more details orr feedback in the ensuing conversation. It’s hard to be helpful without knowing a little bit more about what specifically is making you feel trapped.

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You need to look in the mirror and think I’m sharp, capable, and I can do this. (You are). Just stop making excuses and just do it. You can do it.

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Start going for long walks by yourself. Sunlight and exercise help with depression, and taking some time to think will clear your head. Then research time management skills, and figure out which ones you can implement in your daily life. I’ve found that if you want to make a change, finding something moderate that you can actually stick with is the best way to start.

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Whenever you feel low i would suggest do things which you love to do always.
Try to keep you mind busy in some thing that would bring positivity in you.

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Add these 20 songs to your playlist

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You know what your job is and you know what is expected of you. Are you doing the best job that you can do? Keep working to improve your time management and then love and respect yourself for a job well done. Be grateful for your job and the people that you can inspire.

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