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What are you wearing?

Asked by crissy14 (631points) November 7th, 2014

What do you want to be wearing?

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Traditional rags known to please authority at the moment…

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I am wearing a thin fleece pullover over a lightweight Brooks Brothers long sleeve button down collar shirt; Patagonia lightweight canvas slacks, Ecco biome casual shoes. I am at work.

I’d rather be wearing a pair of shorts, a t shirt, and flip flops. And heading to the beach in Hawaii.

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I’m wearing pink polka dot pajama pants and a blue Denver Broncos hoodie. Yes, it’s almost noon here.

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cotton pants and muscle tee. moccasins.

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What do you want to bet that @HawaiiJake would say “Khakis”?

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I work for State Farm. I’m wearing khakis and I look hideous. :)

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A raincoat, thong underwear, and sunglasses.

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Sweat pants and a cotton shirt. I just finished my workout so I’m not going to be glam at the moment.

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Right now, a pair of boxers. That’s all.

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Slippers, two pairs of socks, jeans and a dark woollen jumper.

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Chainmail made from the bones of my enemies.

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Black jeans, black socks, and a T-shirt made of ‘technical’ fabric. I had a fleece hoodie over it but I got too hot. It is 38F, 3C outside and the fire in my woodburner is working so well it is 73F, 23C inside. My stove works great when it’s below freezing outdoors. This is a bit too warm for it.

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@Symbeline Better than from the bones of your friends.

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You don’t really want to know.

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Sweat pants, t-shirt, socks, underware, and a queen sized Oilers blanket.

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Fleece, a dress shirt, tee shirt, my lucky moose boxers, and sweatpants. I had a Dr’s apt today, but I am still going to look good.

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Until the stove repairman came this afternoon, I stayed in my nightie and a pair of socks. Love a day off!

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I’m currently wearing a smug look of satisfaction, i’d like to be wearing Angie Jolie’s pussy as a face mask.

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Jeans, a long-sleeved, dark red cotton shirt and Union Jack socks. I’d rather be wearing pyjamas, and will be in a little while.

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@talljasperman Ha yeah, I’m just not that hardcore.

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My “work out” pants (some sort of artificial material with a Nike logo and double stripes down the legs, zippers at the bottom so you can get past shoes) CIA tee shirt, cross trainer shoes. Just got done at the gym.

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Not a lot.

What do I want to be wearing? Not a lot.

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Um, should I ask why to any of those?

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A casual dress and my glasses. Aside from that, nothing much.

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Haha…well….hippy cowgirl fashionista here.
Hair in pigtails, wearing beige cotton long hippie skirt, lavender mid-elbow length lightweight jersey top, psychedelic socks and my brown and pink cowboy boots and dark brown, fleece lined, Marlboro woman sheepskin vest. Just came in from the barn, blanketed the horses, fed, shoveled about 2 dozen snow shovels full of pissy shavings from the stalls and scooped poo. Still lookin’ pretty cute because it is only 55 degrees not 95. lol

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Torn up denim shorts a baggy jumper with a moth eaten cardigan that has skulls and guns woven in the pattern . But I have lacy black bra and knickers underneath.

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Still wearing polka dots. I did put jeans on when I went grocery shopping, but I immediately changed when I returned home.

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My sheet and comforter – the answer to both questions.

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Today just a pair of shorts.

And at the moment, ladies, my nipples are hard.

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^^^^ LOL Wet Tee shirt?

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Nah, I had just gotten out of the shower and it was still a little chilly :D

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Black pinstripe jeans, black top with a skull graphic. Black shoes.

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Kenneth Cole (whatever) black and grEy herringbone jeans (cut from boot cut to skinny, That flare trend for men didn’t last long did it?)

Nylon blend button up shirt from Sisley. Very narrow concealed button placket, tapered body with panels, midnight blue.

Gola driving style driving shoes (no flame resistance rating) Black and purple, added purple laces.

Mismatched H&M socks. Both with grEy and black design.

Topman (Gawd I miss New York) quite skinny tie, black with diagonal silver stripes. If Topman is good enough for Captain Jack Harkness it’s good enough for me.

When I leave the house I will add a purple H&M purple hoodie, hood lining in grEy with black typography pattern.

The lesson? don’t wear a whole outfit from one manufacturer. You will look like a novice.

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