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Is there no volume control in the following music website?

Asked by flo (12974points) November 7th, 2014

How can it be? I need to listen to it in low volume, and listen to something else on another site in medium volume.

Soundcloud in general does’t seem to have it? I don’t get it.


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Open it in a separate window and use youtube. Not sure why there is no volume from what I can tell.

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If you click “SoundCloud” (hover your cursor over it, and it says “Play on SoundCloud”), it opens a new window, and you can control the volume in the grey rectangular box at the bottom right. But I agree, they should also have put a volume control in the mini-player on the page you linked. Annoying.

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I found it but after a long while because it is black on my screen. As well I was looking around Komal’s (commenter) picture just under the end of the song (3.13.) I thought it would be Inside the box not outside. As well, if I have it on full screen (which I don’t mean minus the toolbar, address bar etc) it is is even worse way, further away from where is should be.

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@LDRSHIP I opened it in a separate window and then what do I do? How do I use youtube?

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Are you trolling me?

But if you’re serious, what I mean is just open another internet browser, whichever one you’re using. Then go to in your new blank window browser and type in the band/song.

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@LDRSHIP “Open it in a separate window”, “it” meaning the link, that would be step 1, and step 2 would be…” is how I was thinking.

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