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Have you ever stopped to think about how good you have it?

Asked by josie (28419points) November 7th, 2014

Everybody seems to gripe about something. It seems like griping and being unhappy are becoming institutionalized.
But what a lot of people gripe about (in the US anyway) is really just the standard vexations of existance.
The truth is, there is some serious and very outrageous shit going on out there in the world and in comparison to that, is your shit really that bad?
I am so happy to be typing this detail, I cannot tell you.

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I’ve got to get some minor surgery, poor me. Then I watch Jim Kelly and Rick Jennerette walk out on the ice for a faceoff. What a pussy I am. :)

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@josie Every meal with real meat I feel great full. I give thanks for the KFC that I get.

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@Adirondackwannabe Not minimizing your problem, just suggesting a different context
@talljasperman KFC. I think you may be creating your own problem at that point. Just sayin

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I do stop and think about my good fortune. I am very fortunate and I have very little to complain about. I do complain on occasions, but in the whole scheme of things, I don’t have a worry in the world. It’s good to spend a moment every now and then remembering how lucky we are. Thanks for the reminder.

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@josie I understand, any surgery has it’s risks. I’ll make some allowances. But Jim Kelly talked about taking his jaw out from were the doctors removed it.

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I do. I have so much more than I deserve.

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@chyna Hey you, you deserve everything you get. Believe me.

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I think about it every single day.

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Leave it to many, and I will say that, no biting my tongue, especially in the US. It is never enough or never good enough. Having A car is not good enough; they have to have 22 inch rims of chrome, a stereo system that can blow out 5 stadium bands, rear passenger DVD player, iPod jack, duel climate A/C and heat, cruise control, bla, bla, bla. It doesn’t get any better when it comes to homes; if it is not a mini McMansion, they are not happy. I find it hard for people to appreciate that they can use food as Entertainment or recreation. There are places on this planet where having a tailgate party is as much a dream as winning the lotto. But, poor Westerners, stuck in traffic, have to wait in an A/C bank for a teller, not having the server top off the coffee cup that 4th time. People will always find something to say ”see? I am suffering too”.

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Various times per day.

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All the time. I just saw a TV episode about human trafficking and it made me very grateful for my marriage and love relationship.

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I sure do. When I look at a lot of places in the world and what goes on there, I’m sure as hell happy to live where I do.
However we mustn’t forget that horrors are always closer to home than we realize, and that many do happen here. Our ordered societies exist on rather shoddy legs, and although they haven’t crumbled, nothing guarantees that they won’t. I sure hope they don’t, because I know how lucky I am to live here.
That said, there is a difference between bitching and analyzing, as best as one may, one’s environment and what occurs within. Cancer or child abuse is rampant everywhere you go, for example. I do get you’re talking about the normalcy of what is decreed as everyday life and not the exceptions, but I felt the need to mention it anyway.

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The truth is that I’m forced to consider this so often that I fear some form of neurosis is involved It’s frightening that so many outcomes in life hinge on such seemingly random events. When I reflect on my life, I’m taken aback by just how incredibly fortunate I’ve been. While there’s every reason to suppose I should be content, there’s this nagging feeling that I’ve done little to deserve the dividends of all this good fortune, What will befall me when the fates notice that I’ve been coasting along on all this undeserved luck and decide to snatch it away?
Why are you so happy to be typing these details?

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Only all the time, appreciation allows for a happy & contented life…that & a shit ton of cash obviously.

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I do. I am very grateful for the job I have, the lifestyle I have and for living in the period in which I do (period where we have have great medical advances and availability). Also for living in the country I live in, where so many from other countries wish to be, and where even the poorest amongst us have so much compared to others from elsewhere.

I’m far from rich and my house is far from huge, but I’m currently on vacation and when I used to work with many impoverished people, so many had never even been on any vacation, had never even been to a beach.

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Every minute of every day, I choose the focus on the positive and to appreciate all that is good in my life.

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The older I grow the more I hear myself thinking how fortunate I’ve been for my smart, cultured, loving and supportive parents; for having been born in the United States (though I often wish it had been in another state, especially every time our soon-to-be ex-governor opens his yap); the job opportunities I’ve had and work I’ve done; the wonderful friends I’ve had—and have; and the relative good state of my health.

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I often think of the strange times in which we live with men walking on the moon, flying carpets taken for granted, magic windows that show us distant scenes or scenes of long ago, food of all kinds available in limitless quantities, enchanted ointments to cure infection, music at the press of a button, literature at our fingertips. We live lives that emperors and kings of old would envy.

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Yes I have, and I can honestly say this, many people in remote parts of the World can only wish they had our problems, in comparison to their own, our issues are just a mere walk in the woods.

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Sure all the time, I try to live my life with an attitude of gratitude.

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We have First World problems, things like “I can’t find my charger” or “If I don’t leave the house soon I’ll miss my flight.”

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