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What is it about this site that makes it special?

Asked by Katz22 (654points) November 7th, 2014

It really does seem like this is a collective of people who are intelligent and caring about one another. I am impressed with the open mindedness, the positive answers that people give, and the fun that I am having here. Oh, there has been an occasional nasty person but by and large, it is good here. Don’t you agree?

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You get to know people in real life. Also your writing skills will improve over time.

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I’ll agree, most are non-judgemental.

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@talljasperman Indeed, I agree, the knowing people in real life.

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Because we’re a small community, the users here aren’t anonymous. It’s a lot harder to be a jerk when you’re not strangers.

People here have upset me, annoyed me, driven me mad…and they’ve also been understanding in very dark days, made me laugh, and made me think of things in a new way.

People here know me, I’m not just a face in the crowd

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most are non-judgemental Tell that to Hypocisy.~

I agree, being a small community makes this place special. We send gifts to those who touch us and we offer support when it’s needed. The good does outweigh the bad.

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@Tropical_Willie Yes, being non-judgmental, how cool is that?

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@Katz22 I thought you knew, we have pancakes.

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@hug_of_war Yeah I get that, kind of a bunch of kindred spirits huh?

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@jonsblond Indeed, I am totally impressed with this site.

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@Adirondackwannabe Good with strawberries and whipped cream, Yum!

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I started coming here in 2008, then I took a long break at a certain point, mostly for personal reasons – but clearly I couldn’t stay away. I’m back and glad to be, though it’s much quieter than it used to be.

When Ben and Andrew first started the site they were really big on enforcing thoughtful answers, which pushed people to think carefully before saying anything, and maybe even helped some people learn to be more open-minded. I don’t know the specific formula or why it worked so well here, but I’m glad it did.

There’s no other place on the internet that feels like Fluther, and I even had a love interest that I met here. The fact that something like that is even possible is a really, really cool thing – to say the least.

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Oh god that sounds so good. I was thinking blueberries and syrup, but that is amazing.

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There are some members that I have actually met in person and it was the best experience ever. I have come to really care and worry about people here and rejoice in their happy days and cry with them on their sad days.

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@DrasticDreamer Yes there is something very special about this site.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yeah, that will work, blueberries are fine but have to have whipped cream.

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Umm. I want to try that. Tomorrow night. thanks.

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@chyna Yeah, I get the same kind of feeling,the people here are close, like a close knit community.

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But don’t take that as we won’t be open to new people. We really are and would love to get to know you.

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@chyna Oh, I know that this site is open to new people and I am beginning to feel way too comfortable here.

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I am impressed with the open mindedness,…]
I would be too if it were not redacted. That being said, or not, there is nothing special at all about this place, and if it had something different, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is for the good.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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Note that although @Hypocrisy_Central supposedly doesn’t like this site, he has been here since 2009.

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@chyna Hmm… good to know, thanks.

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@Katz22 Everyone is entitled to their opinion
Ah yes, having an opinion doesn’t mean the same as being able to express it.

@chyna Note that although @Hypocrisy_Central supposedly doesn’t like this site, he has been here since 2009.
Who said I did not like it? Any garden can be a spectacular center piece with proper weeding. This place is like a jet coming in for a squirrelly landing in high wind, you know you may see it go up in a ball of flame taking hundreds of people with it, but you just can’t look away.

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Yes, that’s why I’m still here some five years after joining.

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@marinelife Wow! this site is special if it retains people that long!

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@Hypocrisy_Central It seems to me that this site is very open to people who want to express their opinion. So… really don’t know what your gripe is about.

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You’re right people do care for each other here. It seems to me that all the intelligent and sensible people gather in this place. I still haven’t found out why. Maybe that’s the rules, maybe that’s the fact that all the less sensible ones don’t seem to stay for long… but this is one of the lovely place in the Internet land. It’s a Q & A site, but it’s also a social site. I can answer questions but also reveal part of my everyday life here too (of course I know what to reveal :p)

Of course there can be some conflicts, but overall, this place is awesome. I feel the most welcome here.

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@Katz22 Hypocrisy is treated poorly by others here and they get away with it, hence my sarcasm about open-mindedness. His views are not popular, but he’s never rude or abusive with his words. This site is dull without him, imo.

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^ I agree @jonsblond. Well done you for saying this.

I do agree that the site is an online community more than simply a question and answer site. So many people here care about each other. They’re friends more than anonymous people who answer questions. As a community it has its good and its bad elements. Mostly it’s good.

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Modesty forbids me from divulging the true special one :)

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@ucme Congratulations on having over 40K Lurve.

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@Katz22 Thanks, but those numbers don’t amount to a hill ‘o’ beans, its the person behind them that matters <sob, whimper>

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@Katz22 It seems to me that this site is very open to people who want to express their opinion.
That is fine as long as you stay off the toes of anyone’s sacred cows. Tow the party line, support it, believe it, and defend it, and never oppose it; you will be a rock star here. What the site says it is, it doesn’t live up to too many times. Try something hard and meaty that challenges the common beliefs, you will see some mud go slinging. I am not here to sour your experience of Fluther, get from it all you can, and I sincerely hope it loves you as much as you love it.

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@Hypocrisy_Central That all sounds very damning for Fluther, until one realizes that the “sacred cows” that you are referring to are things like showing the least amount of respect to women or people who are overweight (for example). There are good reasons why people respond strongly to some of your questions and comments, and you know this very well.

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@dappled_leaves That all sounds very damning for Fluther, until one realizes that the “sacred cows” that you are referring to are things like showing the least amount of respect to women or people who are overweight (for example).
Not that this is the thread or time to go there, but I am just going to say this, (which should cover impending lines of thought as well), I am not going to join the lie that overweight (being nice about it) are healthy as those of regular weight, or as attractive in the whole. I have not said they should all be rounded up and forced into “fat farms” to slim down to a healthy weight and more attractive physique; if you have evidence to the contrary please present it. I have many women who are overweight, and I respect them to the fullest, that is not to say I am going to make myself believe they can hang with a bikini model, or be as healthy as an Olympic sprinter and graceful as a gymnast. If being real with stuff is going to piss people off, then maybe the focus of this place should be different because it won’t be what people say it should be. Now, we can get back to pumping this place up for whatever reason people need to. :-)

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^^You have many women who are overweight?
It’s the community feel for me, combined with an atmosphere that encourages the pursuit of knowledge. Jeez, that line should be on a brochure.

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We rock some serious ASS

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We throw killer buffets. Check it Out

Also, lots of great folks who are truly charming and helpful and funny and kind. Well most of them. If you really need help with a serious problem you will get help.

If you just need a little light hearted humor in your life, you will get that.

If you need someone to virtually hold your hand through a stressful situation you will get that.

Come for the friendship, stay for the food.

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