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Anyone experiencing iPhone app issues?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) July 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I downloaded the update from, and now when I download apps they open for second then go right back to the home screen. I also bought monkeyball and another not free app, and neither of them even showed up.

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Sorry dude…. I got in early too, but all is fine….
2.0 is all they promised!

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Works OK for me. :)

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Try doing a restore and then checking for downloads in iTunes. I think it’s on the tools menu.

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my main issue is I’ve been standing in the queue for a new iPhone for about an hour.

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When I try to restore it a message pops up that says “There was a problem downloading the iPhone software for the iPhone ‘iPhone’. The requested resource was not found.”

I’m assuming this is because the software isn’t out yet? Or is it this morning? I’m not sure.

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I have an iTunes issue. I downloaded the update this morning and now when I put in a CD to put into my iTunes library, the screen flashes but the CD doesn’t show or sync. I have to go to Disk Utility and eject and then put the CD in again. It works fine on second load of CD.

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