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Do you think its wise to change one's course of career when you are half through it?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2141points) November 8th, 2014

I am in a dilemma. I am really interested in neuro-psychology and subjects that really help me understand how brain works and how it results in certain behavioral dispositions and how they can be re-programmed for the betterment of humanity. At the same time, I don’t want to be a low earner, I am expecting to have a fulfilling salary ( not too much but yes, should be good enough). What I am currently into is a masters in remote sensing and GIS systems which does not particularly interest me, I am working on urban spatial growth prediction modeling and I feel that I have entered a wrong place, I am already midway into the course but I am quite apprehensive about its future and whether I will spend the rest of my life repenting. I am not able to focus well and this causing me great distress and unhappiness. I am too sad these days as I am not really understanding where my life is heading. I feel so low when I look at people who are so enthusiastic about their life and career when they say that they were the controllers of their life. Well, of course, nobody forced me to take up this particular study but one of my guardians suggested it to me and I took it , as even I was not aware as to what I really wanted. Now, it feels like life is going terribly wrong and I feel completely wasted. I have terrible mood swings. And I really don’t know who to seek who can help me cure this.
Any comments shall be appreciated. Thanks

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I think in your case you can. You are still young and you’ve got a long life ahead. It isn’t too late for you to change now, as long as you have thought carefully about what to change.

But you have to think carefully. Will you benefit from the change? Or will you just waste time on another meaningless work? You have to consider before changing or you will end up feeling horrible like you are now (and worse, you realize that it’s too late to make anymore change). Life isn’t that long for you to change without thinking.

Your guardian suggested that study because they thought it suited your ability. It isn’t enough. You need to like the study to learn properly too. If you like the study but you don’t have the ability needed, then you can’t study. You said that you like neuro-psychology and the like, so you already know what you want. You can change to that, but you have to consider whether you have enough ability to learn it. And you don’t really need a lot of money to work. You have a well-paid job but you don’t like it, you still can’t work. Listen to your heart, study what you really like, and success will come to you.

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The landscape has shifted so, that career wise, I have no business giving you advice. I will tell you this. If you don’t have a wife or family to support, there’s no cause to panic. You’re obviously in a field which though you find it uninteresting, the number of directions you can take from your involvement must be enormous. Reflect on the courses you’ve covered and consider the aspects you find most interesting. The beauty of your current career path is that the field you’re in now has provided you with an impressive resume that should wedge your foot in the door of any imaginable employment or educational opportunity. For example, have you considered the possibilities involved where the disciplines of remote sensing and neuro-psychology might intersect?

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Nothing could be wiser if that’s what you truly want to do. Better to try than to regret for the rest of your life that you didn’t. P.S., If you’re committed to making the change, you’ll succeed.

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“midway into the course ” are you in school? If so, then definitely NOW is the time to make a change to focus on something more engaging.

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You aren’t halfway through your career, you are partway through your education.

Change it if you really have a passion for something else. Before you change talk to people in the field and find out for sure what the work is really like.

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This is the time to switch – if you are going to. The earlier the better. It will never be easier for you that right at this moment.
But, before you do, promise yourself you will spend 1 hour researching potential jobs in both fields.
When I heard you say “remote sensing and GIS” I immediately thought of quad-copters and autonomous delivery systems, and factory emission control compliance, and military surveillance, and battle field intelligence, and sensor packs, and traffic control information, and security, and disaster relief, and AED equipped autonomous Quad copters for EMS, and Amber Alert assistance, and emergency medicine delivery, and ....

When you wrote “neuro-psychology…and…the brain… behavioral dispositions and how they can be re-programmed for the betterment of humanity” I immediately thought of medical research and autism, and Asperger’s, and dyslexia, and synesthesia, and hospital research grants, and marketing, and….

Consider how many hours you have spent worrying and fretting over this issue. Now it is time to collect some data. Don’t make it this a long project. Agree to spend one solid hour, with no contact from FB or any nonsense from your mobile device, investigating potential applications and careers in each of the two fields.

Which sounds like more fun? Which has the best earning potential? Which will be the most interesting? Which has the most interesting coworkers? Which fits your stregths?
I’m sure you’ll figure it out.
Good luck!

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In the US, a useful test is one of the the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

Pyschometric tests; “Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement. One part of the field is concerned with the objective measurement of skills and knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational achievement.”

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@LuckyGuy You would make an incredible life coach, you know?

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@longgone Hmm… Should I change my career course. :-P

I just want @Khajuria9 to invest the one hour before making such an important decision.

Of course we are all curious, so an update in a month or so would be nice.

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I have made career and scholastic changes- none of them ever were regretted. If I had gone into the first field I chose when I started college, I realize now that I would’ve been miserable.

I agree with @LuckyGuy—do some checking. When I was choosing a MA program I got a hard copy of a college’s course catalog and went through the entire course listing, highlighting classes I found interesting, then checked which program had the most highlights. Almost all the classes in Communication Theory were highlighted and that came as a profound shock- I would never have chosen that field otherwise. I went ahead and took a semester in that program to be certain and, sure enough, it was my dream degree.

Go ahead and explore—it’s cheaper to change your academics than it is to change an actual job.

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It’s often difficult to see where skills taught in school are used. Studying “Remote sensing and GIS” can seem meaningless until you see where it is actually used in the real world. That is also true about neuro-psychology or virtually any other subject for that matter.
Look at want online want ads and see how many and which companies are looking for skills.
Unless your last name is Hilton, most people need jobs and skills to survive and thrive in this world. What skills would position you to be productive and thriving citizen of the world?

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Dear one, you say nothing at all about what you might like to do instead. I think you need to look inside your own mind and figure that out. Besides rushing away from the thing you’re not liking, you should locate what thing you do like. Moving-toward is much more satisfactory than quitting.

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