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Get a job now or wait?

Asked by St.George (5855points) November 8th, 2014

I am a dual citizen and can work in any Euro-zone country. I am wanting to relocate with my family (Spouse, two pre-teen children) and am wanting to have something other than an entry-level position or service industry work. My background is in education. We could afford to live for a couple of months without working.

Question is, shall I try to secure a job from here (USA), or relocate and then look? Does anyone here have any similar experience they could share? General thoughts?

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You should always take a look and see what is available , so at least you have a heads up when you get there.

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You can look at the job openings, but realistically it is very difficult to secure a job when you don’t live there. I would wait until I was there to actively pursue a position. Some exceptions might be teaching ESL if that interests you.

Certainly check to see the requirement necessary for the positions you are interested in, in the country you are moving to.

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Look now. So you have and idea of what to expect. Some countries may not employ without a work visa or permit and some will only hire residents of their country. You may want to know this ahead of time. Also some teaching employments may require some courses you never took, so if you can find that out before you get there, then that would be helpful.
I had a friend who got married overseas and she was not allowed to work because she could only be hired temporary. She was hired as a nanny and when she was let go she was sent home packing even though she got married while there. They would not approve a work visa for her. I forgot what country it was but I remember the job market there was tight and they would only give jobs to nationals or if someone was hired for a special skill.

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@Pandora The OP is a citizen.

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Opps missed that. LOL. Thanks @JLeslie

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If you’re just going to move I’d wait. I’d probably find something part time until then.

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