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Has a song or piece of music inspired you to greatness?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) November 9th, 2014

Or powerfully affected you? Do you care to share? Like eye of the tiger? Or video game music? Some people it is your national anthem. Some people are addicted to video lottery terminals winning music. Others the last boss fight in a video game.

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The song that has gotten me through so many tough situations and pushed me to go further, try harder, pick up and take another shot at it is Bob Marley’s I Know

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The music of Ralph Vaughan Williams never fails to touch me emotionally. Especially this piece and this one.

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This piece of music never fails to touch me.

Also this and this

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“Tomorrow” from the Broadway musical “Annie”. It has been with me since I was ten years old. That’s 36 years of having that song as my friend. It has a lot of special meaning to me. Even now I sing it softly to my mother in the nursing home. She used to love me to sing it to her when I was a kid.

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I am not great by any means.
But my mom loved this song and always told me it reminded her of me. I hear it play in my consciousness frequently.
My mom was the sensitive, sentimental hippie sort.
My dad, a special forces vet who took no shit, would shake his head and smile.

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@rojo I always thought it was the court or sword of ages. Thanks for the translation. I like the music.

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My son first heard it in the Movie Excalibur (This Scene). He was only 4 when he saw it. About a year later he said he wanted to see that knight movie again. When we asked which one he said the one where they sing “Go, Go, King, Go!”.
It took us a while to figure it out but once we did we could understand how he thought that is what they were saying.

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