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What is a better way of saying Happy Veterans day?

Asked by Pandora (29225points) November 9th, 2014

People often tell my husband to have a Happy Veterans Day. I’ve even seen it in fliers for sales.
What is Happy about Veterans Day?

I feel people go around saying Happy Veterans Day without realizing it is a day to reflect on the effects of war and to remember those who sacrifice their lives for their nation.
People don’t go around saying Happy Dead Day, and yet that is what Happy Memorial Day is basically saying.

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I’ve never heard this phrase before – it sounds very odd to my ears. My conversations with vets on Veteran’s Day are usually limited to things like, “Thank you, I always injure myself when I pin these poppies on myself” and “Thank you for your service.”

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I’m a veteran and I am very happy and probably lucky to be here.
Anybody wants to say something nice on Veterans Day thats OK with me. Anybody doesn’t, so be it and I guess that would include you.
Anyway, once upon a time it was Armistice Day since WWI ended on Nov 11. People were happy about that war being over.
Regarding Memorial Day and the dead, I’ve never actually heard anybody say ‘Happy Memorial Day’.

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“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived”.
-George S. Patton

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@gondwanalon True but why shouldn’t we mourn the loss of these great men.
@josie I’ve heard it a for years. It use to be that people would say have a good memorial day but now it’s have a Happy Memorial Day because most people are worried about what they are going to buy or what are they going to grill, or whether or not it will be warm enough to go to the pool.
@dappled_leaves, You don’t hear have a Happy Veterans day very often but people blurt it out occasionally without giving it much thought as to what the day means.

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Thank you for going through the hell you had to indure for al of us. And your day should be bigger than Christmas !!

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It would be more appropriate to have a Deserters Day. They are the people that deserve actual praise.

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@ragingloli You do get that deserters are often quite comfortable with joining and then grabbing a paycheck from the military and then running away the moment they are called to do what they signed up to do. No one made them sign on the dotted line. They chose to do that. There is no draft.
Would you praise someone who took a job along side with you and collected a check and just when you needed them most and depended on them to work on a major project with you? Bet you would cuss them out, no matter what their reasons. Especially if they knew a head of time it was something they were never willing to do. Praising them would be the last thing on your mind. Many don’t desert because they can’t kill someone.. Deserters only worry about themselves. It’s not often about peace and love and war is wrong.. If it was. They never would’ve joined.

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How about we call it Veterans Appreciation Day?

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“There is no draft.”

Right now, right here, maybe.

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