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Will the update actually make my iphone have the same GPS as the new iphone?

Asked by stevenb (3811points) July 10th, 2008

The guy at the att store said it will. I thought that the new phone has a GPS radio in it. I dont remember where I read that, but I thought that was one of the cool new things about the new phone. What have you who have the update found? I cant update yet as it is only 11 pm.

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I don’t think the edge network is fast enough for GPS. Pretty sure you’ll need 3G speeds for that.

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GPS is hardware. Your old iPhone won’t benefit from the upgrade (GPS). It will still triangulate from cell towers. You need a 3G iPhone for a proper GPS.

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Keep your old iPhone and just buy a Garmin.

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NO, it will not give you GPS just by updating your iPhone 1.

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That is what I kept trying to tell the yaywho at att. He kept trying to convince me. You would think Apple would want them to know at least a little bit about the new phone!

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As mentioned iPhones using the EDGE network rely on cellular tower triangulation to locate you, which can do a pretty good job at times. Its certainly not GPS though.

So as far as the AT&T rep goes. It kinda does. He was either being vague for whatever reason, or completely misinformed.

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