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Can you write yourself a cheque?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) November 10th, 2014

Would it even clear?

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I don’t think it would clear because it would look like you were just trying to bounce it.

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For what purpose? You take money out of your account to give to yourself? Why bother.

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@Adagio To get around the withdrawal limit.

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Write the check to “cash” and you can write it for any amount.

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You can if you are using it to transfer money from one bank account to another.

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As @chyna said, write it out to “cash”. That’s how many people withdrew money from their bank in the days before ATM/debit cards.

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I would write it to cash also, but probably you can also write it to yourself. I don’t see why not? I am not sure. Ask the bank I guess. If you write it to cash and you lose it anyone can cash it, so don’t write it until you are ready to cash it.

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I wrote myself one once, made it out to Tigger, you can guess the rest.

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@Darth_Algar and @chyna are correct. In pre-ATM days it was a way of getting cash and it still works, though it’s been years since I did it. If I recall correctly, you have to cash it at your own bank unless a merchant knows you really well. You also have to endorse it and of course have proper i.d.

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@pachy The only way to cash any check is at your own bank or the bank the check is from, which in this case of course would be the person’s own bank. Unless you go to one if those check cashing stores.

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You can cash them at Dillions and Walmart, but they take a percentage of it.

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Dillion’s still exists?

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It does in Kansas. However, there are those who question if Kansas itself even exists.

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