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Are you a planner or an improvisor?

Asked by ebenezer (1457points) July 10th, 2008 from iPhone

Some people seem to like to have their weekends, etc, filled withstuff they know will happen. I find pleasure in getting off work on Friday and have no idea where I will be from moment to moment. This requires me to be on my own a bit more than most, I think, but usually worth it. I also like being called out by desperate planners looking for a companion on their excursions. Those are also unpredictable and usually fun times. Where do you fall?

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I’m an improviser. I’ll go along with any suggestion.

For example, the day after school got out some friends invited me to go away for a few days with them to the woods. I just went home, told my parents I was going, put some clothes in a paper bag, and left an hour later.

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I do both. Sometimes I make big plans and sometimes I just let things happen.

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I try to make flexible plans. I hate being obligated to do something I planned weeks in advance; often times, I don’t feel like doing what had been planned previously. But, I also do not want to fiddle around doing nothing while I’m on vacation or something. I make plans for what I’d like to do, but never hesitate to change them as my mood or the occassion fits.

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I plan to improvise

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I improvise on the plans.

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I agree with tinyfaery 100%. I make plans so I don’t find myself unsure of what I should be doing, but I don’t make them so solid that I can’t change them or roll with the punches if I need/want to.

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Pete; you put your clothes in a paper bag?really?

I do both, I enjoy making to-do lists yet will do whatever is the spur of the moment.

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I’m terrible at making plans. I just get overwhelmed with the details. So things are usually improvised over here.

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A planner… o.k. i’m an improvisor when i’m in trouble, like MacGyver

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i would say i am in between. moderation is the key to life after all ;) i like to plan out certain events that require planning such as hanging out with friends (because you need to get around everyone’s busy schedule and make sure they are available) and like tinyfaery said above, so i am not “wasting vacations” etc. but i also believe in improvising set plans or making spontaneous plans. that way, i can have my structure but also have my days of doing something “different”. one of my friends needs to plan EVERYTHING. we were roommates and she would like to know what time we would go to the grocery store the next day etc. that was nuts.

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Thanks for the insight.

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