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Any idea why my husband keeps getting the message "Network Error" on his tablet?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42483points) November 12th, 2014

It’s a Toshiba. He’s playing Words With Friends. He’s playing 6 people. When ever he makes a move on me or on his cousin, he gets the message “Network Error occurred. Your move has been saved and we will resubmit it to the server next time you enter this game.” It doesn’t do it on the other 4 people he plays. They go right through. Only happens when he makes a move against me or his cousin. It happens every time he plays us since it started, about a week ago.
Any ideas jelly geeks?

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I often get an error similar to that on my iPad, but that’s due to a software issue that causes my pad to drop it’s network connection. I have to turn off the adapter then re-attach to the access point. A giant pain in the uh… Neck. I sincerely hope there is a fix for this in the next iteration of IOS8. I’ve never heard of problems on other brands of tablets.

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Is there a power setting on his device that automatically disconnects it from the network after a few (3?) minutes of inactivity? He should deselect that option or extend the time .

Is it possible you and your cousin take a bit longer to play than the other 4 players and that is above his time-out threshold?

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If it’s an Android tab, I dunno. You could try switching channels on the router to one of the less common ones – say 11, for example. That would eliminate interference as a source of the connection problems.

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Thanks. I’ll check his setting.

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Did you reset the filters to keep him from watching porn without you?

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LOL! He doesn’t do porn. :D

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