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Where could a college student in the California Bay Area get a job working nights?

Asked by QUEER (101points) July 11th, 2008

I am an insomniac who will be living somewhere in Oakland or Berkeley starting early August. I need to get a job and have been hoping to find one that wont force me to adjust my sleeping schedule. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Well, this probably isn’t what you wanted, but my nephew helped put himself through UCB by working in a meat packing plant near there. It was a night job, wasn’t fun, very hard work, and paid well, but it was the only thing available that fit his schedule. He was finally “rescued” by one of the staff at UCB when they found out what he was doing (and was very tired) and they got him a day job on campus.

Perhaps a more pleasant job would be at the ice cream factory over there. Think 24 hour businesses such as restaurants, hospitals, factories.

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What about some sort of nightclub or pub with long hours? Just a vague thought.

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Baking, newspaper delivery are both things that require early rising.

My uncle is an insomniac and he delivered papers (whilst holding a full-time day job) for several years.

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I had a friend who worked as the overnight receptionist at a 24-hour fitness. Any place that’s open 24 hours (certain pharmacies, grocery stores, even hospitals or 24-hour call centers) needs a night time staff.

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What about security jobs? Those often have night shifts. I see several advertised on craigslist for the Bay area. UPS is also advertising night jobs in the Bay Area.

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I had a friend who learned to pick locks, then got certified as a locksmith and made a little money on the side doing that as a 24 hour locksmith service. Not sure how feasible that is, given that learning how to pick locks is a serious investment, but if it’s something you might’ve wanted to do anyway…

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Kinko’s, Hotel desk clerk. Then you can have time to study while on the job. The best job I had in college was the late shift at the college library.

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Work at a restaurant during dinner shift, and then get ‘talked into’ going out afterwards (which is basically what most of the people do to unwind after waiting tables). You won’t be bothered by the hours and you’d probably make decent money and quite a few friends who will love you for going out with them.

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