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What's your favorite shellfish?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) November 13th, 2014

Do you have a reason and a recipe?

Do they have to be fresh, refrigerated, or is frozen okay?

Simpler the better!

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Shrimp, as in 8-count, super jumbo shrimp cocktail.

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Moreton Bay Bugs – grilled.

Fresh or refrigerated.

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Was going to say scallops, because I have them a couple dozen times a year.

But I really have to declare my favorite to be Atlantic lobster.

Fresh, flown to the West Coast alive. I’ll eat it boiled. Grilled. Boiled and then made into a lobster roll the next day. Finely chopped in an omelet.

One time on a cold rainy April day in Paris, at a neighborhood cafe, I had the most incredible lobster bisque, oh man, it was orgasmic.

In Bar Harbor Maine, I had lobster tail, stuffed with scallops, clams, cod, potatoes, and shrimp, roasted. One of the best meals I have ever had.

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Shrimpies! I’ll eat them anyway, minus the heads (yeah I know they’re more flavorful, I just can’t eat something with the head still attached).

Shrimp for life!

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Mudbugs! Cajun-style boiled crawfish.

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Because they are not fish.

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I like shrimp. I like it any way – boiled cold, boiled hot (with some spices on it), scampi, cocktail, Chinese food. I usually try to order shrimp when I order Chinese, because that way I know it’s really shrimp and not cat, deer raccoon, etc.

I also like lobster. When I go to Cape Cod, we always get lobster. I will also buy a cooked lobster tail at the fish market in Cape Cod and just eat it as a cold, portable lunch. It’s usually only a few bucks, and so worth it.

Third choice for me is mussels.

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Lobster and oysters.

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Fried popcorn shrimp.

Never cared for lobster. The smell alone puts me off. And although I have tried oysters many, many times (my wife loves them) I cannot say I have ever really enjoyed them. When raw it reminds me of having a really bad head cold with all that snot running down the back of your throat.

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lobster. purchased alive and steamed at home. crack shell and dip the meat in clarified butter.

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I’ve never had a real fondness for lobster, but I love shrimp, crawfish, mussels, clams, scollops, etc.

The local Asian buffet even has salt-and-pepper shrimp that are sauteed and eaten with the shell on. (No head) Delicious!

My uncle once brought home live lobster in a box, @BeenThereSaidThat. Not thinking, my aunt set them on the counter while she made dinner preparations. There were no bands on the claws, and as the lobster warmed, they got lively. When she opened the box the lobsters got out and had the run of the kitchen until my uncle got home to throw them in the pot of boiling water.

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@ibstubro sounds like that woody allen movie when the lobster got loose in the kitchen.

We live near the ocean so getting fresh caught lobster is easy. where I get mine they will even throw it in their steamer for you for free. many people have the lobster place do that for them. Since it does feel cruel to throw those live creatures in a pot of boiling water at home.

Do you know that after you throw them in the boiling water and slam down the cover you can hear them knocking on the lid of the cover trying to get out?

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Unless you are lost and really starving crawfish (mudbugs) are too much work for too little reward.

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Crab, if that counts as a shellfish. I’m not fond of molluscs except for smoked oysters.

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You can buy crawfish tail meat frozen at Walmart, @rojo.

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Oysters, fresh and eaten straight off the shell.

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I tried that once, @Adagio. Once, as in one raw oyster, one time. I love them scalloped! Fried is good too, and I love oyster dressing.

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I’m having a hard time thinking of shellfish I don’t enjoy… scallops I could go without, they’re ok but IMO rather flavorless and too bloody expensive. I guess my current favorite would be spiny lobster. They’re just so much sweeter and more tender than atlantic lobsters and unlike back home, these lobsters are pretty friggin cheap :)

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Overnight me a few, @El_Cadejo?

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Are lobster/crayfish actually considered to be shellfish? I think of them as seafood, yes, but not shellfish……

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@Adagio: Shellfish = fish with exoskeleton. This includes lobster.

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Cockles – cheap, and tastes good all the time.

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For me it’s “ersters”. New Orleanian for “oysters”!

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I don’t like them raw, @Yetanotheruser, but I love them in dressing and fried.

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I’m not sure about other places, but when I was in New Orleans they would serve up the oysters with ingredients to create your own cocktail sauce.

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