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Do gay guys understand guys better than girls?

Asked by ZoeDecker (151points) November 14th, 2014 from iPhone

In general do gay guys understand guys better than girls?

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Not from what I’ve seen. I think it really just has to do with understanding other people all together and different personalities. To expect to understand one half of the human race would be insane. So many variables. Childhood experiences, religion, family traditions, race, nationality, adult experiences, mental illness, education, common sense, physical challenges, sexual experiences, relationships, friendships, financial status, ego and even genetics affect the final outcome of who we are.

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This is a poorly worded question.

Do you mean “Do gays understand guys better than girls understand guys?” Or do you mean “Do gays understand guys better than they understand girls?”

I don’t think gay men understand straight men any better than women do. And don’t think gay men understand straight men any better than laymen understand women, in fact they may understand women a lot more than they understand straight men.

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No , of course you know heterosexual men think in different terms. End of.

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In my experience some gay people are much more thoughtful than average folks because of the pains other people have put them through. In many cases, too, gay friends support each other much more than most freinds even have a need to.
As a result they may seem to understand other people better, because they are more willing and able to reflect on other people’s situations and be sympathetic.

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In what way?

They are men so they have the inside scoop on how a lot of men think. They are there during the conversations and comments. Just like I hear what a lot of people think about minorities, because I am white. They may not know when they babble that I am married to a Mexican or tend to be liberal on a lot of ideas about minorities so they talk away.

A gay man who worked for me once told me lesbian couple usually are more united and last longer, his observation, because gay men have two men in the reationship and men tend to be less reliable in terms of committment in relationships. Not gay men, he meant men in general. Again, his perspective.

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Are you asking do gay guys understand guys better than they understand girls, or do they understand guys better than girls understand guys? I think gay men understand both men and women far better than straight guys understand women, or straight women understand men. What I find really startling ( and I’m gonna get in a heap of trouble for saying it), for some peculiar reason, lesbian women seem nearly as obtuse about women as their straight male counterparts.

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As I get older, I keep bumping into these nagging hints regarding the plausibility of (wait for it) reincarnation. Now this is the sort of thing that I NEVER say or type anywhere, which proves that I’m a great deal too comfortable here. But I digress. The gay situation along with some other striking personality episodes involving others, has really set me to wondering about “people in the wrong bodies”, and 2(or more) “people” in the SAME body.

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Yes, without question! Because guys understand how guys think because we know what we want. Two gays guys get together and neither one has to ask “So, what do you want to do??”.

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I don’t think so. The best way to learn more about straight men and what their (generalized) experience is like in our society is to talk to, duh, actual straight men.

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