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Are there any hard core, old school bike shops in the Napa area that would have a frame alignment jig and a master tech that knows how to use it?

Asked by SecondHandStoke (9502points) November 16th, 2014

In an exquisitely poetic and symbolic minor disaster a stack of boxes of my hoarder wife’s books have fallen onto my vintage road bicycle.

The wheels have been knocked out of true. This is correctable but I want to take them to a shop that really knows what they are doing so the wheels can not just be trued but also properly tensioned and have their perfect roundness be preserved.

Like I stated above I want the bike’s lugged steel frame to be checked for straightness.

I am now in Napa but would be willing to travel.

WHY can’t I have nice things?

Thanks bunches.

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I haven’t a clue where to get your wheels spun but I must thank you for the laugh of the day, priceless and brilliant writing. Reminds me of a friends hoarder husband whose shelves with 10,000 Nat. Geo mags fell over and dented her car in the garage. hahaha

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Try a good reputable motorcycle shop. Why not ship or drive the wheels to Santa Rosa?

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Thank you.

It is profoundly frustrating that 95% of our possessions are hers. Box after box of sweaters and scarves she hasn’t worn in years. Books. So many BOOKS…

Her hoarding has subsided since our coming together but there’s still so much to take care of.

The garage, the beautiful and lovely garage.

Yet my Integra sits in the drive, just pleading to be stolen again.

For richer or poorer. I think I would have preferred poorer.

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@SecondHandStoke The couple I know have the same issue. She is borderline hoarder. Stuff everywhere, has a really hard time getting rid of stuff. I am a thrower awayer, I hate clutter. I can empathize with your frustration.

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Bruce Gordon Cycles
Petaluma, CA.

A Bicycle Odyssey
Sausalito, CA

If you don’t mind shipping the frame (or taking a trip south) CycleArt
Vista CA

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I’d call Rivendell in Walnut Creek and ask them. They know all of the best frame builders in Northern California, especially those working in steel.

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Thank you all for your very useful answers.


Rivendell has referred me to the legendary Inglis/Retrotech shop right here in Napa.

Many multiple thanks!!!!

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