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Whats to keep Westboro Baptist Church from taking Islamic Hostages and Beheading them?

Asked by majorrich (14711points) November 16th, 2014

As taped beheadings become the favored jab our Islamic Wacko brothers and sisters like to throw at us, Why aren’t Islamic activists leaving the USA to keep from getting grabbed by Westboro or other Wack jobs here in a very tense USA and themselves getting beheaded on tape?

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As @rojo said nothing I just feel the North American wack jobs don’t want the world think they are as nuts as those Isis freak jobs. but that is my personal opinion.

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Because the Westboro Baptist Church only cares about suing people for money? Because anyone who did that in America would land themselves in prison, immediately? Not that I think there aren’t people crazy enough to want to do it, we just have deterrents put in place to hopefully prevent it from happening.

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“our Islamic Wacko brothers”?

I don’t have any of those. But I know there are wacko islamics, just as there are wacko plumbers, wacko school teachers, and wacko jellies. And I suppose, in truth, it is THE LAW which prevents wacko Westboro members from hacking at Muslims.

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Because as much as anyone dislikes hearing anything positive being stated about WBC, thus far there has been no physical violence associated with them, regardless of how absolutely hateful their rhetoric has been.

So far, they have obeyed the LETTER of the law while ignoring the spirit of the law.

So far the prejudices they’ve displayed have been primarily targeted at the gay community and anyone whom they perceive as “supporting” gay people. As far as I’ve heard, there has not been the type of rhetoric typically spouted by the Christian White-Power type of groups (which are FAR FAR more likely to commit violence in the name of their cause.)

These are the type of groups that should have radical Islamists looking nervously over their shoulders at, not WBC.

WBC has staked out their territory (gays and soldiers funerals) and been hatefully consistent in that. They’re really not a racist group, they are a highly bigoted group and they’ve given no indication of expanding their focus (as a group) to include ethnic or racial hatred.

I suppose that theoretically, they could do a rapid pivot and include beheading Islamists, but that’s a pretty far fetched scenario.

There are plenty of ignorant jobless White Power hate groups around which would pose far more a likely threat.

But, would they do it in the name of their organization? Highly unlikely since that could prompt a flurry of lawsuits which could bankrupt them similar to the one which successfully put a similar group out of business due to the financial judgement issued against them.

But, there’s always the lone whack job acting on his own which certainly can’t be ruled out altogether. But an entire group acting in any official capacity? When all is said and done the USA is still a nation of laws and consequences for breaking them so I don’t see that happening.

And as for WBC, they may be tremendously hateful but they’re not totally stupid enough to commit murder and brag about it. I mean, come on, let’s get real here.

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Because they’re a bunch of pussies, looney toon pussies…like Sylvester only less funny.

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They are a clan of lawyers. They take great care that everything they do is technically legal.

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Because the U.S. is a civilized country unlike the animals in ISIS.

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Also, I don’t rightly know.

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@BeenThereSaidThat radical extremists are just that, and it doesn’t matter what country they are from, Isis are getting extremists from over 90 different countries to join them in their so called (Holy) war according to news sources including the US.
All extremists are animals whether they come from a civilized country or not.

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Cowards come in more than one flavor.

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@SecondHandStoke exactly and from every country under the sun,and in every nationality .

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Americans at their most crazy, which can be a little crazy to be sure, are nothing compared to even a moderately crazy Sunni Arab.
Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas, ISIS-the breadknife beheaders of the world-all Sunni.
Nothing like WBC on a bad day.

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