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What are your favorite Thanksgiving appetizer recipes?

Asked by StaceyD (215points) November 18th, 2014

I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. The main course is easy and I have recipes for everything. We are having a full day and I want to serve appetizers. I found this recipe for stuffed mushrooms I want to make.
But I also want to serve a salad and a couple of kid-friendly appetizers that are easy to make. I was thinking of deviled eggs but would like a few suggestions and recipes. Thanks!

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If you are going to have a separate menu for kids, I would make it more fun.
I used to make blue jell-o for my kids, with gummy fish in it. You wait until the jello it pretty thick, then press the gummy fish down into it, and that way they will stay.
Variety here, fruits, eggs, and two kinds of kimbap.
I looked for some recipes I knew were fun and tasty, and then I found lots of cool new ones I want to try. You will enjoy looking down through these links, but as you go you may think of some ideas of your own. By the way, on the one with the lady bug appetizer crackers, there is also a cute idea for your deviled eggs. Have fun!

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Our traditional is clam dip served with Fritos.

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Salmon dip.

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We usually just get locally made cheeses and a couple different types of crackers.

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I make Stuff Mushrooms but not with that cream cheese mixture you posted. I just stuff them with sauteed mushroom stems, seasoned bread crumbs, drizzle with olive oil and bake them. I also have a plate of raw vegetables cut in bite size pieces.

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Who wants appetizers on Thanksgiving? I’ll save my appetite and stuff my face at the main meal!
I remember my grandmother took parts of the turkey out before she’d put it in the oven. Then, my grandfather and I used to eat them. I don’t even know what they were…the neck? the liver?

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If I had more time, I’d post a whole bunch of different easy Thanksgiving appetizers, but since I have limited time, I shall post one of the easiest and favorite ones.

It’s super simple, delicious and makes a nice presentation. Put a square block of cream cheese on a plate, preferably white, pour cranberry chutney over the cheese. You can get jarred or fresh cranberry chutney at Trader Joe’s or other grocery stores at this time of year. Surround the chutney topped cheese with crackers of your choice. Then dig in.

Doesn’t this look Pretty?

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@Kardamom That looks really good! I just got home from Trader Joe’s. Now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t read your post before I left. :)

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