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Where is this quote from?

Asked by Kairi (794points) November 19th, 2014

My best friends, her boyfriend, and I were discussing superheroes and he told us of this quote he liked from Green Arrow to Batman:

“You’re raising that boy in your home. He fights your fight. I don’t give a @#$% what you CALL him, you’re his FATHER”.

This is the image, for anyone interested

However, even after intensive searching online, none of us three can find where the quote is from and/or the circumstances around it. We are thinking it’s probably Batman said something to him about one of his sidekicks that he took offense to, or it’s about Batman’s biological son Damian.

Can anyone help us figure out where the heck this is from?

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we have discovered that it is from Green Arrow and Black Canary #5

however, we have no idea who they were referring to. help?

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It sounds like a version of a line from a John Wayne movie. Goes something like, “You sent a boy to do a mans’ job.” Let me get back to you when I remember the exact title of it.

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It is from Green Arrow/Black Canary #5: Child Support.

Here’s a synopsis of the comic. I think he must be referring to Robin, since he lives with Batman and fights by his side.

Actually, this review confirms that he is referring to Robin/Dick Grayson.

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thank you both!

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