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How do you do your Christmas/Chanukah/holiday shopping? Are you a planner and list maker or a spontaneous buyer?

Asked by jca (36043points) November 20th, 2014

Do you make a list and check it twice? Do you plan specifically who you are shopping for and what they’re going to get? Do you solicit requests from your recipients and honor the requests? Do you spontaneously go to stores or online, see something that strikes your fancy, think about who may like it and just buy it? How do you determine who you will buy for?

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We have staff for that.

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I dislike, no – detest, shopping under the best of circumstances. So, to answer your question, I holiday shop minimally and reluctantly.

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We have 3 little nieces and that’s all we shop for, the adults we tend to rather get together and enjoy a visit and meal, most of us have what we want,and people are awful at guessing what the Mrs and I like.
Mrs Squeeky has the kids shopping done a lot of times by the end of summer,and as we get older we really like staying away from mad house stores and malls during the Christmas shopping frenzy.

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I have a pretty small universe to shop for these days: two kids, (both teens), a very dear friend, and a new girlfriend.

The kids I negotiate with their mother over what to get them, this year my son will get a Chromebook, my daughter the newest Wii. So that just needs to be bought. And then I will pick up stocking stuffers which are usually things like t shirts and gift cards and small in expensive things.

The new girlfriend is a challenge: I have some ideas, and I have her daughter’s email address to see if she has suggestions.

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I’m a planner. I make a list usually in September and then start saving and reading all the ads and reviews.

This year will be big purchases instead of a lot of small items. My three grandchildren will each get the new I-Pad Air, my husband the new IPod touch (he never had an Ipod) and also I will get him a book he mentioned to me called “Lyrics”.

He is a big Dylan fan and he actually would go listen to him when he played in small club in the Village. Apparently this book has all the words to his music since the 1960“s. I sneaked the book into the house last week and the thing must weigh a ton!! He is going to go into shock when he see’s this book. He has no clue I got it for him.

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I craft gifts year-round and also buy spontaneously if I see something I think a particular person would love.

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I used to shop extensively for my family and mainly found things in catalogs and online. Now that they are grown-up and living far away we have downplayed the holiday gift giving. Last year, I suggested that we (my sons and I) pick a favorite charity for the others to donate to in our name. That worked out well. I will buy and mail over a few things for my grandsons.

Because my kids will be in for Thanksgiving this year, I have gotten a few things to give them. I framed a painting of the California coast I did after a road trip about there for my California son, and matted a dinosaur painting for my 5 year old grandson.

A check for my hairdresser and housecleaner will complete my “shopping.” I used to get really caught up in the whole holiday deal, now I am looking more for non-materialistic fulfillment.

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I don’t shop for holidays. I shop for people. When I see something I think is a perfect gift for someone I know, I buy it and give it to them. “I bought you a present. It made me think of you, and I couldn’t wait for an ‘occasion to give it to you.”

The important people are on board.

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I shop for my two sisters, my parents, my grandmas, six cousins, and four aunts/uncles. I also get something for four of my closest friends.

Most of these people are a lot of fun to shop for, because I know them very well. However, I order most of the things I get. I hate running through stores. I do make a list.

I also buy the dogs a new toy and bone. Call me crazy, but I love Christmas.

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I typically only shop for Christmas gifts if we are going to be visiting someone at Christmas time. I don’t bother sending any. The exception is my niece and nephew I always sent money if we wouldn’t be in town. Once in a while I buy a gift for a neighbor or friend, but rarely. This year I will probably buy gifts for my boss’ kids (4 of them) because I see them often at work.

To sum up, usually I only have a lot to think about regarding gifts if we go to my husband’s family’s Christmas Dinner. Some people I already know what I want to get them, and some I make a phone call to find out what they might want or need. I’m a little all over the map. The gift giving thing at Christmas time used to cause me a lot of stress, and I didn’t enjoy it much. Not giving or receiving. I’m better at it as I get older.

I go to the stores with an idea in my head and kind of shop around. Once in a while I jot a few things onto paper.

I like random gifts at any time of the year better than Christmas.

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Random gifts are the best @JLeslie. I have a friend named Rosemary and recently I found a little bright yellow pot with her name carved into the side of it. Probably for a kitchen herb garden. It was under $1. Wrapped in tissue paper I handed it to her and said, “When I saw this at the the store, I thought ‘That’s got *Rosemary’s name written all over it’”! She was in a crowd of friends at the time and everybody got a good chuckle over it.

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I tend to buy things throughout the year as I see them. I shop online quite a bit because my life is so busy. The downside of this is I end up with way too much for certain people! I still have shopping to do, but I hate leaving it until the last moment.

Someone just told me about subscription boxes. I had never heard of these magical things before!! What a great idea they are. The gift that keeps giving throughout the year. I’m checking out some for my daughters and son and whispering in my husband’s ear as he sleeps at night. :-)

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Do you mean, “_____ of the Month” boxes, @Earthbound_Misfit?

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Sort of but not quite @ibstubro. I’ll find you some examples.

For the lady who loves cosmetics and the like.

For the animal rights activist.

Definitely for our own @cookieman.

For the dog lover.

For the knicker lover.

For the man who has everything.

For the artist.

For the music lover

You can find sites where they review the many, many options available. If you have someone you can’t think of what to buy for Christmas, a subscription box might be the answer.

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