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Do you have a political position that doesn't seem to "match" the rest of your beliefs?

Asked by answerjill (6180points) November 21st, 2014

Do you tend to have “liberal” opinions about most social or economic issues, but you have a conservative view of one particular issue? (Or vice versa.) An example could be someone who is opposed to abortion (in all cases) but is in favor of the legalization of drugs, marriage equality, and amnesty for undocumented immigrants.

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No, all my views are disgustingly consistent.

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well that’s just comparing platforms, not true cognitive dissonance. I’m your basic bleeding heart liberal leaning. However, I’m saving up for a rifle. Damn that took me a long time to figure out.

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I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative – does that count?

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I am against the death penalty the way it is currently used.
I would support it if they actually killed people, like once a week on television, so everyone could see it. Then, it would be a deterrent.

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I’m a liberal and am willing to help others at my expense – to a point. Abortion is the woman’s right. Marriage is between consenting adults. Higher minimum wage is common sense. single payer healthcare, equal rights, ... all flaming liberal.

But I am only willing to give one free pass for self-made problems. If you can’t afford a kid I’ll help pay for the upbringing. But after that one I will only cover abortions, and then only 2. I’d cap medical expenses for lifestyle choice induced conditions: drugs, alcohol, lung cancer from smoking, obesity – sorry the well is dry at lifetime spending of $15,000, $10,000, $50,000 and $20,000 respectively. You broke it, you fix it.
If more than 80% of your living expenses are subsidized, then you should be required to spend 10 hours per week doing some kind of community service: Go to school with your child and help in the classroom any way you can. Sit on the school bus and help restore order. Volunteer at your church or the neighborhood soup kitchen. Something! Nobody should expect to get the check for free. Nobody!
And if you fail a random drug test the payments stop for 3 months. No excuses.

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Kinda, part of me wants to fuck Sarah Palin (that’ll be my penis) while the rest of me wants to strangle her with a good quality rope.

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The best example I can think of to explain this is I’m in favor of women having the right to have an abortion, but I’m not in favor of having my taxes go to pay for that abortion. Same for contraceptives and the same on the insurance coverage topic.

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I don’t think so. I really don’t like to label myself this dichotomy, but I think all of my views would go one way.

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No, I am a liberal living in a very red state. A while back I found a quiz on the internet, don’t know how accurate it is, but I took it and not only am I a liberal, according to the quiz, I am a bleeding heart liberal. Gun control is an issue that I wrestle with because there are so many factors to consider.

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While I am pretty liberal/progressive on almost any other subject, I am strongly in favor of the death penalty for capital crimes.

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@ucme The two acts are not mutually exclusive and could be done simultaneously. If you manage to pull it off, please try to keep a video record for posterity

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I am pretty liberal but not necessarily against the death penalty. I believe some people are just broken.

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I am very conservative but have a couple of quirks. I’m not against abortion but feel it should be done early on if that is the route you take. I’m leaning more towards abolishing the death penalty but only because the wrong people get it. If you are guilty, you go for a plea deal but if you plead not guilty, the prosecutors goes for the death penalty. mass murders get life, while those that are questionable get death. seems backwards. I’m not religious but unlike many atheists, I don’t have a problem with those that are. As far as religion goes, I guess I’m ‘Pro Choice’.

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I consider myself socially liberal and fiscally moderate. I want to raise wages so everyone who works a full time job can afford to live without tax payer help in terms of food and shelter.

I want to discourage pregnancy for teens and people already on the dole by possibly reducing their social monetary benefits if they have a baby while already in the system (people jump all over me for that). I don’t mind paying for their birth control and abortions.

I want socialized medicine.

Actually, back to the subject of shelter I find the Singapore model very interesting where shelter is basically subsidized for 80% of the population. The idea being people who don’t need to worry about that can be more productive.

I think so many loans for college tuition has harmed the college system and caused tuition to go up.

I don’t think we should send or push everyone to go to college, but everyone who wants to go and can do the work should be able to go for a reasonable sum if not free.

I strongly support public k-12 education. I don’t support no kid left behind. I want more options and direction given at the high school level so kids have clearer next steps after graduation whether it be college, a vocation learned in high school, or a vocational school after high school.

I think those don’t all line up with one party or the other.

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I’m a registered republican and an atheist. I’m conservative when it comes to helping the poor and national security, and liberal when it comes to abortion.

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@rojo That would be dirty sex, you must be quite a depraved fucker :D

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Only when the opportunity arises.

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First time I heard it called that aye thangyoo

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I oppose the death penalty, I do not think gay people should have to remain single, I think if a woman wants to get an abortion, she should be allowed to, I think the US is a little trigger happy when it comes to foreign policy, and I think political contributions should be made by individuals who choose to do so, not corporate entities (or unions for that matter)

The problem is I also know that Constitution limits what government at the Federal level is allowed to do and think that matters too.

So that puts me at odds with many other people with whom I share those opinions.

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I’m generally in the center, few things are black and white.
Immigration: Very mixed feelings and views.
Abortion: Mixed feelings, generally against it but exceptions must be made.
Gay marriage: No problem for me
Evolution: Fact
Religion: Bullshit but we can’t know if there is a creator or not
Global warming: Not 100% convinced the alarmists are correct but precautions and changes should be made regardless
Taxation: I pay too much
Death Penalty: Not for it
Gun control: Pro gun
Health Care: National healthcare for catastrophic insurance only. Colds and stuff like a sprained ankle should not part of it.
corporate personhood: Abolish

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