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Have you ever been rejected by the opposite gender and felt absolute misery?

Asked by dopeguru (1917points) November 21st, 2014

How many times?

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You know, I probably have and I am sure I was devastated but it was so long ago that it is not even a memory, just a vague feeling.

Life goes on.

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Absolute misery? Only a few times. Puzzlement? Disappointment? Often.

The misery from rejection arose once we were beyond initial dating. I had a couple of girlfriends who rejected me in the past when it came almost out of the blue. Here I was enthralled with them, and they were looking for a way out. Two times in particular I was devastated.

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Only when relationships have ended or failed. I felt devastated because I was attached to that person and cared for them deeply.

I haven’t felt devastated from being rejected by someone that I wasn’t in a relationship with, ie in the early stages of dating. There’s no real attachment and it felt more like an ego bruise than anything else but ultimately, forgettable.

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No, never.

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As others have said, when a relationship was ended abruptly and I didn’t see it coming. No because someone didn’t reciprocate initial attraction.

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I remember when Patti left me for Alan B in 8th grade. He was much bigger, (and dumber). Her loss. I’ll bet her right arm is sore from carrying the torch for me all these years.

It’s been more than 40 years and I still can remember the disappointment.

Breathe, sweetie. Just breathe.

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Most of us have had a broken romance. Some of us have been on the receiving end of the break-up. It hurts. Who likes being rejected? I remember one guy that I was totally besotted with and when we broke up, because it was so unexpected, I was devastated for a while. So my friends made me go out with them, and gradually the pain and smarting of my ego subsided and I got over him. Time heals. You do have to allow yourself to heal and have some self-discipline by not continually opening the wound by reading his Facebook page or stalking him in other ways.

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Emotional seaming endless torment. I drown my sorrows in KFC top ramen and root beer. I know she had feelings for me. I felt that I screwed up the relationship with my soulmate. pain is less today now that I am on my own. I haven’t had a date ( since 15 years in university.)

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When I was in 6th grade I went to my first dance. I asked a girl to dance with me and she went into the bathroom. I saw her later on and she had slipped out the back door of the bathroom. Broke my little heart.

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I got dumped by the first girl I dated and kissed. Guess what? She wanted to get laid and I didn’t pick up on it. How funny is that? I was very bummed at first, but that’s what love and relationships are dopeguru. Life and love are fucked up. But it’s a fun ride.

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Yes, a time or two and being rejected hurts, until I found out that, there really are “plenty of fish in the sea.”

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Rejection stings. Being in a relationship that was not meant to be is like swimming amidst Irukandji jellyfish. Finding that one person takes a bit of work. All the stings that you’ve acquired help you weed out future mistakes, bad choices. The more stings you’ve endured, the better your future partner will be. Repeat stings, mistakes you make over and over, do not add up or lead to better future.

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