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Is it wrong to eat babies?

Asked by ragingloli (45105points) November 22nd, 2014

Of course, I am not talking about killing babies in order to eat them.
But say that a baby died from natural causes, would it be wrong to cook a delicious meal from the corpse?
Whether you say yes or no, I demand that you justify your answer.

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Yes, it is wrong.

Generally, cannibalism of any sort is frowned upon, no matter how the entree died.

And, a good reason for that is that it devalues human life. As creatures who can project into the future and remember specifics of the past, and develop a culture, humanity in general views human life as precious. That means we respect the body of those who have passed.

Natural causes means lots of things; babies who die from natural causes probably aren’t very tasty anyway.

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No more bizarrely implausible than eating barbequed amputated limbs.

Yum. Roast leg of insurance salesman w. type 2 diabetes.

This idea triggered the wonderful song…The Reluctant Cannibals

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Suppose you are on a deserted island with no other source of food, and the baby dies. The only way that you will survive long enough to build your raft is to eat the baby and retain the strength to rescue yourself.

You didn’t kill the baby – it died anyway. Why should its body, nourishment, etc., go to waste?

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I probably would find an alternate source of calories and give the infant a proper burial. If I’m that desperate for sustenance I’m an inch from death’s door anyway and may as well let it happen a tad earlier. That said this guy has a different idea

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Ask me again in 225 years when Earth’s population exceeds 67.5 billion people. (If the population more than triples every 75 years.)

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Evolution has taught us it’s wrong. If the baby died of starvation there’s not much nutritional value in it.
If it died of disease or poisoning you might catch the ailment and end up the same way.

Eating the freshly killed healthy babies of your enemy is a different story. Everything is delicious with a dash of Zatarain’s Creole Seasoning sprinkled across the top.

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No, the objective for this planet is to stop making babies not eating them. haha

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Nope, not a thing wrong with it!

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We could eat these creepy baby cakes with a clear conscience. haha

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I see no reason not to. (The calories would just be going to waste otherwise).

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Sounds like a modest proposal. – Jonathan Swift

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It is pretty well documented that during extreme famines in China that families would trade babies for consumption. Personally I find it repugnant, but realize situations can force extreme lengths to which people will go to survive. I would eat bugs and critters (mice, rats, etc. which are plentiful during famine) or move to another location where game was available before eating baby Humans.
Now, Baby Animals raised for food such as veal or lamb, that’s another story. Does the OP want to include baby animals? in which case ignore that part.

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You can include baby animals if you want, especially the ramifications regarding your answer.
I also have to point out, that cannibalism in certain tribes is seen as helping the deceased’s soul to enter a new body. It is also seen as acquiring positive traints of the consumed.
It certainly is not an objective fact that cannibalism devalues human life. Depending on what culture you live in, the opposite may actually be the case.

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No, of course not.

It is, however, frowned upon to eat one’s own species.

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NO, why? Because cannibalism is known to have adverse affects on the body. It would literally turn you crazy, and you would get tremors. I am sure you have heard of mad cow disease, this originally started from cows being fed cows meat. So essentially you would get mad human disease.

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It feels wrong, but logically…no worse than eating lambs.

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@Pixie What if they’re cooked very thoroughly, like super duper well-done?

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Certainly it is wrong. But this question is not as absurd as it seems. It remind me my research I wrote for this site concerning hunger in Ukraine in the thirties. There were hundreds of such cases, then a family ate one child after another just to save the rest.

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