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Do you have a "My cell phone saved me!" story to tell?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) November 22nd, 2014

One time I was on a narrow 2-lane road approaching an intersection. There was a car parked at the curb on the other side of the of the street, effectively making the intersection one lane. A thug in a beater pulled in, in my lane, and stopped. Another thug comes out of the house, gets in the car, and commences to waving for me to back up and let them through. Pre-cell, I would have been intimidated and moved. As it was, I just pulled my cell out and opened it. “Yeah. Come assault my car while I read 911 your license number.” The driver thought better of it, and backed out.

Care to share a time when your cell got you out of a jam, where you otherwise probably would have been injured or intimidated?

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Nothing like that ,but it has been a God send when broke down miles from nowhere.

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Not having a cell phone has saved me thousands of $‘s over the years. Also makes me a safer car driver.

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This isn’t my phone story, but when I lived in London with my parents, and this was during the London Bombings; He was already running late for work, and was planning to get on one of the busses that was bombed, He got a message on his phone, for a Skype from his friend on his computer (if that makes any sense), and figured, he was already late, it wouldn’t make much difference, so he goes in and skypes his friend, he missed the bus, and wasn’t killed, we have thanked his friend SOOOOO much

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Not my phone, someone else’s. Not an imeediate threat, but I’ll count it as a phone keeping out of trouble. I was in college and I broke down on my way home. It was winter, night time, dark, and cold. A guy pulled over and he had a cell phone or car phone. I don’t remember which, it was when all of that technology was just starting. Scary for us girls when someone pulls over you know, but he offered to call someone for me, which made me feel more at ease. He called my parents and my dad came and picked me up. Luckily, I was only about 15 minutes from home.

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This is a story about Baris, who worked with me for AT&T.
Baris was working in Oakland. Oakland’s AT&T yard is in a very dangerous neighborhood, which is constantly on the news with recent shootings, etc. Baris worked a shift that starts at midnight.
Baris pulled up to the yards gate, and pressed the numbers to open it. The gate opened, and he pulled through. Once inside the fence, he realized his ID was missing, and he thought it might of fallen off at the control pad, outside the gate, so he walked out there.
While looking on the ground for his badge, he heard someone come up behind him, and he was pistol whipped. He fell to the ground, and two locals told him to empty his pockets. He gave them his tazer, his wallet, and his cell phone.
The locals looked at the tazer, and laughed, then gave it back to him. One held the gun to Baris’s head while the other looked at the wallet and the cell. He opened the cell phone, and the welcome screen came on, which was a picture of Baris’s two children.
Baris was sure they were going to blow his brains out any second, but after seeing the picture of the kids, one of the locals just said “This ain’t for you”. Baris stayed on the ground while they drove off. As they did this, one shouted “It ain’t safe out here!”.
Baris went back in the yard, and called his boss. He was off on stress for several months, and when he came back to work, refused to work the night shift again.

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There was a pervert once in a wooded area near a child play ground who was flashing or jerking off. Not sure because it was too far. I think he thought I was a young kid from far because I am short. I pretended to be taking his photo and dialing and he ran off. He didn’t know that he was too far away for me to get a picture of his face. Luckily there was a tall fence between us.

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